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Lining unsymmetrical eyes

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  • teavox
    Hm, usually I just add more product to the crease that's less prominent - as in, line or apply e/s a little above the hidden crease so the difference is less noticeable. It helps if the colours of eye makeup are blended into each other and there are no strict separations of colour between them.


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  • poochi
    started a topic Lining unsymmetrical eyes

    Lining unsymmetrical eyes

    I have a weird problem! I have double eyelids. My right eye has 3 eyelids, while my left eye has double eyelids, but the eyelids on this left eye is hidden, so it's definitely less prominent than the one on the right.

    Needless to say, I look pretty odd when I wear eyeliner; sometimes it looks as though I'm only wearing liner on the right eye!

    Short of making a visit to Woffles Wu, how should I apply eyeliner? Should I draw a thin line on the right, and colour in the crease on the left eye? How do you girls with hidden double eyelids line your eyes?