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Budget Floral Fragrances.

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  • Budget Floral Fragrances.

    Hello girls!

    I'm thinking of getting a floral fragrance for a friend's birthday, but my budget's rather tight at the moment. Was wondering which brand's good for prices below $50. (30ml or 50ml ones)

    A scent along the the line of Kenzo Flower would be great. But Kenzo's too ex!!

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks!! :wave:

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    Not sure if this is along the line of Kenzo Flower. Maybe you can try Body Shop's Moon Flower EDT (around $30 I think). If I remembered correctly, there is a promotion for Moon Flower EDT now. Buy the EDT, and get free shower gel, and body lotion.


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      yep!! the promo is for a EDT a shower gel and a lotion for 29.90!

      Moonflower is a very light floral scent. very feminine! I just got it and im sure your friend wld love it too!


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        Hi Jae

        Kenzo Flower dries down powdery but not Moonflower[this is ore a light floral]. If you are looking for a light floral, Moonflower reccomended by the rest is good for that price!


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          THanks all! Moonflower sounds good. I'll go check it out then. The price sounds great too.