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  • Grey/White hair

    any idea what actually causes white hair? is it due to the constant dyeing of hair, or heritage reason?

    don't understand why im getting more and more nowadays.... sigh.....

    any recommendation of a hair colour that can hide the white hair well too?

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    What is the distribution of your grey like? I have a white streak which wasn't a problem when I had really long hair, but after I cut it short it became more noticeable so what my stylist did was to dye all my hair dark purple, then do mahogany streaks. I don't advocate dying your hair purple too, but I think if you go to a good colourist they can recommend something to you


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      its not a lot to the extreme... but some of my friends who are taller than me can detect it and told me... oh well, im used to it.... since i can hardly curb this problem

      cant understand why they keep coming out, when i hardly pluck them......


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        Its probably genetic.


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          could be genetic, stress or overdying of hair


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            Grey hair

            What age did you get your first few?, and how do you deal w/it??

            I'm 35yo now. I've had them for a while. I was told to clip them low to my scalp (don't pull), but then every once in a while a white hair would stick up and go "piinggg!"

            I colored them for a while, but then got highlights 2 months ago. I'm going in soon to have something done though be/c now I have like 20 maybe?

            I'm thinking I'll need double processing. Any recs/ideas would be graciously accepted.


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              a solution

              so I didn't have to double process today. My colorist foiled my highlights, then colored the rest! It wasn't so hard to do. He did make my highlights red though - very red, red, red. The rest of it is a dark brown black, similar to my natural. I don't anticipate the red to stay red for super long though.

              Maybe I'll go back to caramel then, but I did solve the grey problem!! Yeah for me.


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                u can take a chinese herb called hei shou wu. the process is long as with all chinese medication but is 100% guaranteed effective to turn white hair into black.


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                  hei shou wu

                  How safe is this herbal? We just had a patient come into the hospital w/ a heart attack from 200$ worth of herbals he was taking (4 kinds) for 2 days. It was a very expensive lesson - no health insurance, ER admission , ICU overnight stay, AND - a cardiac cath?! It must be a lot!

                  I'm scared of herbals, but then again heard that a lot of chinese herbals work - especially those for infertility.

                  *skeptic, but curious*


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                    i dont have any records on how safe it is. but usually someone taking this herb must consistently take it every week for at least 8 years before results are evident. 10 years will see an even better result. a lot of people taking this is usually on a long-term basis and no side-effects have been reported.

                    however, not all chinese herbs are safe. it must depend on what kind of illness are u suffering from and if the body is fit to take the herbs. eg. ginseng is known for many good benefits but if a person is suffering from heatiness, then he must avoid this. Otherwise it may induce the heatiness and cause fever, headaches or nose bleed. in addition, ginseng is also divided into different kinds. so a type of herb can be divided into different sub-categories and have different properties. dosage is also important. over-consumption can result in poisoning. n some herbs must be avoided with other herbs. generally, chinese herbs are NOT to be taken with western medicine.

                    i take a mixture of red dates, bai qi, dang gui and gou qi zi boiled into soup every month. it's to increase blood circulation and overall qi as women tend to lose alot of nutrients particulary during menstration. sometimes when i'm lazy i just take bo chi pills.

                    good blood circulation can aid in alot of things such as better energy, higher concentration, better looking skin, reduce fatigue, etc, and some say reduce hair loss.

                    to make things easier, women these days drink yomeishui or DOM instead of brewing the soup.

                    chinese herbs have less proven research than western medicine but if taken correctly and over a long period of time, the results are truly effective. in addition, chinese herbs are not like western medicine whereby there are side-effects.

                    yes i have heard of chinese medicine that increases potency. they have been used since the ancient times n include things like hu phey. but other than infertitility, chinese medicine are highly effective in illnesses that western medicine cannot cure.

                    but thats not to say theres a cure for every illness by consuming herbs alone. diet (healthy lifestyle eg not consuming too much meat, less alcohol etc), exercise, stress level, genetic are important factors too. lastly, effective use/combination of western technology is also crucial.
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                      May u know how many times per week do you have to consume hei shou wu. Thanks


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                        i can help u ask around. u can also go down to a renown chinese medical hall to ask how many times to take, how to boil etc. they may be in a better position to customise it according to ur health etc.


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                          the white hair is probably genetic. bf & his sis has tons of white/gold/brown hair even though they're not really under tons of stress

                          as for which hair dye's good for covering it up, bf's using bigen & it's working quite well for him.


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                            Originally posted by icy_zhen
                            May u know how many times per week do you have to consume hei shou wu. Thanks
                            Which shop you preferably recommend for
                            economic budget..HeHe..Thanks


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                              I think more often then not, the development of white hair is down to the ageing process. My mum and dad are both in their 40s and have only just started to develop them.

                              I always wondered (might be a silly question! ), but when we develop white hair, does it grow out white, or does it turn white?!