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lovely frothy bubbles!!!!!!!!!

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  • lovely frothy bubbles!!!!!!!!!

    I've got a huge bathtub at home, just sitting there and wasting away. I'd love to fill it with big huge yummy-smelling frothy bubbles. What sort of products would help me get this? Bath salts? Bubble bath? Any reccs?

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    bubble baths if you're after the bubbles. bath salts don't do anything other than 'flavour' the water

    TBS has a good range of bath and shower gels which make good bubble baths. also try M & S stuff.


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      ooh, thanks vixette!

      do you know if normal shower gels like the fruity ones from TBS'll work as a good bubble bath?


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        those normal shower gels won't froth up nicely. must get those bubble baths.

        Crabtree & Evelyn has very nice ones.. i have two - Summer hill and spring rain. LMK if you wanna try them.. I hardly get to use them unless i go for holidays..


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          lush bubble bars! and their bath melts and what nots! but not available locally try a CP or if somebody's going overseas.


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            thanks betty and jo!!!

            i'd love to try lush! too bad it's not available here anymore though. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.

            how do summer hill and spring rain smell like? they sound so wonderfully english! do you have to use lots at a go?
            heh i'm kinda new to this


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              i 2nd lush too. you get a nice bathtub of smooth, silky bubbles. and you've so much to choose from at Lush. check out the webby. LUSH


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                thanks mich!!!!!!!

                i couldn't wait thought, and ended up buying TBS' bath bubbles in some apple-y scent to go with my apple-y body scrub and body lotion. yummers!!!!!!! can't wait to use em all!

                i will definitely check out LUSH and Crabtree and Evelyn's though! can never get enough of lovely bath prducts thanks so much for the suggestions


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                  definitely LUSH! i just tried it this past weekend..and it smelled so nice and was so bubbly!! =]


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                    <font color= 669933>marks & spenser</font> have quite a selection of bottled bubble bath concentrate too

                    - crazygirl


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                      Another vote for Lush. Alas, the bubbles don't last


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                        products for foam bath?!?!?

                        Hiya all,

                        I need recommendations on products and places where i can get body eb used in the bath tub.

                        i want to create the very foamy effect..but i dont know what to buy and how to go about doing it..

                        Please advise!!


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                          Try Loccitane Foaming Bath. They have quite afew scent selection. It's around $50 for 500ml.


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                            Originally posted by momopeach
                            Try Loccitane Foaming Bath. They have quite afew scent selection. It's around $50 for 500ml.
                   they have smaller bottles??$50 is exp!
                            i read from another thread about marks and spencer's product..that is really very very foamy...anyone has any review on that?


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                              Sorry I made a mistake on the price of Loccitane Foam Bath. It should be $36, and not $50.