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  • Kesalan Patharan - Loose | Pressed Powders

    so anyone tried this? it feels so fine & light $69 i think it retails. is it worth it?
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    Farah, IMO KP's loose powder is worth it esp if u have the discount..KP was one of the first few loose powder I had tried and I love the smooth texture. Very smooth and fine. U will like it.....


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      i like it when i tried @ the counters too! i m holding all my purchases & writing my list now, hopefully i can come to one grand list that does not add too much $...sigh!
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        If i remembered right, there are only 3 shades & i wear the medium one. i m tan LSF#6/VLWC Golden Beige/RMK104 if tt helps!
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          Re: KP loose powder

          i love this, *very* fine and mattifies but not so much (aka T. LeClerc) that it makes me look chalky...i usually blot my face after a couple of hours anyway so i'm not so bothered by the fact that it doesn't control shine for hours and hours on end. however, i've not used many loose powders - just this, Ruby and Millie, Estee Lauder, TBS; so i don't know if the KP or others is better, i got this is a swap and it serves me real well so i just stick with it

          the only prob with this loose powder is that there are only 2 shades - very fair and fair. i'm a RMK102-103 and already i'm using the darker shade

          Originally posted by "dolphin"

          Tell me more about the RMK loose powder. Would love to give that a shoot.


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            Dol, I used the very fair shade previously. I find the fair shade too dark for me but the very fair shade is too light. So what I did was to mix it around.

            Farah, it is supposed to be translucent but will still give u some light colours. U can use the fair shade with a slightly darker foundation to even out.
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              Originally posted by "meow123"

              Farah, it is supposed to be translucent but will still give u some light colours. U can use the fair shade with a slightly darker foundation to even out.
              thx meow! wld go try it on my whole face before i decide!


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                I've got the KP $10 voucher too & was thinking of getting the loose powder too! hiaks...I tried it on & it was fine & lightweight, better than MAC loose powder. Colour stayed true & oil control was not bad too! But I can't remember which shade I tried on. I'm one shade lighter than you, RMK 103/203, MAC NC35, Chanel 40beige.

                I was actually deciding between this & the new KP cleansing oil in the red packaging...& I wanna get the trios & lipgloss &......

                Everything's so enticing! Seems that the voucher's gonna make me buy more stuff!!


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                  hvnt tried this but now u gals made me wanna succumb to temptation! I must resist!

                  talking abt T Leclerc powders, I have rather dehydrated combi skin. yes it does help in mattifying control oil but then sometimes i think it makes my face look chalky..maybe its too drying..

                  and like Pan says, it takes ages to finish... Its been quite sometime already and i reguarly used it yet i still hv more than 1/2 tin left! Anyone wanna have somemore 'samples' to add on juz let me know. No obligations or swap to even it out.... i dun think i can finish everything and i m getting quite sick of using it so no point hogging onto it.. dun worry its very hygienic clean etc.... becoz i transfer to a smaller container hahaha


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                    tried my KP Sheer Micro Fiber Loose powder yesterday & today! it's so fine & coverage is even, not chalky & i am sold on this. & coz they hv 3 shades, it wld be great even for tan gals. :D


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                      Anyone knows how much is the loose powder refills? $45? TIA


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                        haha, always glad to be of help wanda!

                        but now, it's my turn to ask for help. does anyone know the price of KP's loose powder and foundation? doing c/p for glossie so i need to know in order to tell her how much to pay!

                        since we're talking about this - last call for people who wanna c/p something from KP at 20% discount! do tell me by the end of this week so we can settle all the fund transfers yea? think the discount is only for regular items though..


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                          xue, i think the micro sheer l/p is $66.
                          not sure abt the rest though.


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                            loose powder is $64 (thanks fiona ) not sure on the foundation though


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                              thanks dear. it's $65 for l/p and liquid foundation. called and checked with Faith.