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beach holiday skincare?

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  • beach holiday skincare?

    If there's a thread on this pls move me there, thanks

    I'm going Redang Island with my bf in around 2 weeks time. I'll be spending most of the time on the beach and I' believe it is scorching hot now ,expecially June, (am i rite?) I've dry and sensitive skin.So besides suncreen, what other skincare should i prepare myself?(besides the normal cleanser & moisturiser)

    By the way, are concealer waterproof? I don not want my makeup to smurge or mess up when i get into the water.. and if i don put on any makeup, i don feel comfortable(cannot be 'mei mei" when take pictures)
    Any advise?
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    hi gal,maybe you can use tinted moisterizer & water proof mascara? since you will be spending lotsa time under the sun,i think its better nt to use foundation. the makeup might "melt" under the sun.anyway,i hope you'll enjoy yr holiday!


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      shiseido has a new suncare range with waterproof foundations, in blue/orange packaging, can check out


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        Items must bring
        1)tinted moisturizer
        2)water proof mascara

        is there waterproof concealer?


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          Do bring a sunscreen for face (if the tinted moisturizer does not have any SPF)
          Bring a lip balm too (I recommend TBS's Vit E lipbalm as it soothes and has SPF too)


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            Do try to bring along some aloe vera gel to soothe after sun skin.

            I'll bring along one moisturising mask, lipbalm(fave is neutrogena lip moisturiser spf 15), and some facial wipes for face when I do go out the whole day without a chance to freshen up/wash my face with water!


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              YUp,I agree with purebleu.

              Whenever I go for a beach holiday, I will definitely bring sunblock or sunscreen( sunkiller SPF 50 is my fav as it is light weight), concealer for my eyebag (I use prescriptive magic wand), wet tissues to keep myself fresh and smelling nice, and a facial spray like my KP mist in menthol helps to keep my face refreshed and moisturised under the hot sun.

              Don't forget a trustworthy lipbalm to keep your lips plumped, aloe vera gel after shower to sooth your tan.


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                SUNSCREEN is most important.
                since you have dry skin....why not bring a skin mist spray? Say one of those soothing ones like Chamomile spray from Shu Uemura (good for after-sun skin tortures)..and I think they sell the travel sized smaller bottles too.

                I dont think concealers 'melt' but I think they'll kinda blend in to look more natural under the heat...consider a moisturising with SPF lip balm..glosses may be too drying and sticky under the heat. Leave the powdery stuff at home...and yeah, a waterproof macara and lash curlers would do wonders for your eyes.. Have a nice tan there too!


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                  i kept reapplying. plus moisturiser & aloe vera for your skin (sun dries it out!)

                  i didn't wear makeup.. figured it would all wash off when i go into the sea or melt so why bother? just refrain from close ups i guess


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                    Anyway when your tan gets obvious...your blemishes will not be so obvious (speaking from experience, I was quite fair ). Try not to put too much concealer, as it will look out of place after your face gets darker


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                      Sure,i don wan to look funny either, with my concealer looking wierd. Definitely will ask my bf to take only far photo shots of me haha