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    Here's a major soap addict checking in. Been surfing for handmade soaps like mad recently. All sound so nice and are seriously tempting my pocket like mad. Not good not good....

    Here's 2 which I'm seriously considering. They seem to be receiving major raves on MUA as well.

    Any other handmade soap addicts wanna jump on the wagon?

    Tval! Soaps

    Yodeling Fish Soaps
    Their homepage is here. Nicer to look at. Yodeling Fish

    Or are there any Cotters who've tried them and could give a review?
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    was fiddling with the shopping cart for Tval to check on the international shipping costs...
    seems that for 19 pieces of 100g soaps onwards(thats about 76CND) there's free shipping!


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      yeah. i was playing with the cart too. anything orders above CDN 75, regardless of weight, gets us free shipping! even when we choose international air.

      lemmings lemmings........


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        Both e-tailers's stuff seemed very nice. Too bad YF doesn't ship international. I read from MUA board that Tval's body smoothie in Grapefruit is very nice, no tartness in it at all. Saluki, why do you have to show me such nice stuff and tempt me?


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          YF does ship international. Got this off their website so I assume they do.

          "If you live outside the USA and Canada, or wish to pay by money order only (no personal checks sorry) please e-mail your order to us, so that we may figure out accurate shipping rates for you. "

          Momopeach, tell me about it. I was surfing both websites at work, and still surfing them at home now.

          And just after I ordered in 3 sprees over the last 2 weeks too.... Bad me bad me....


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            Okie. me everyone but this site is going to make u have more soap lemmings.


            Doesnt help that they're having a May special of 15% discount off purchases of 50 bucks and over from 16 May to 31 May. The discount applies for Clearance items as well!

            Lemming quite a few of their soaps now. Especially the French ones......


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              Another soap addicts checking in too. I had just bought 8 soaps from Makia, 2 from TNS and another bunch coming in from S & L. It will be so much better if you have a dazzlederm soapsaver bag, it really foams up the soap.

              I was eyeing at those of Tami's. Still pending.

              Take a look at this one.
              Feto Soap
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                How's the Makia soaps coming along? Nice and creamy?

                Read that one of your TNS purchases was a peppermint soap. It was the only one I liked when I popped into their store but controlled myself. Quite a 'pick-me-up' scent isnt it?

                I'm reading so many reviews of Tval's soaps on MUA now. Seems like the Blueberry Verbena, Cinnamon Hazelnut Cappuccino, Lilac Silk, Coconut Lime, Nag Champa Rose, Pink Grapefruit, Oats Goatsmilk & Molasses, and Chelsea Seaweed are great!

                My exact sentiments on Bathopia! OMG! I see Roger & Gallet (lemming for them for some time now....), Portugal soaps, Beautiful Scents, Chocolate Orange soap, Soap Pure, and the Mistral soaps. Control I must.....


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                  Originally posted by coffee
                  Take a look at this one.
                  Feto Soap
                  Goodness..... Dont know if I should say they're cute or what. But they certainly caught me off-guard.


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                    I didnt think that the Makia soap are that fantastic. I got them in apple, butterscotch & ginseng, glitter (I dont see any glitter after using it), Rooibos & orange, Lavendar & lavendar bits, Lemongrass & wheatbran etc etc. I am using the Hemp soap now which is suppose to be moisturising, good for stretch marks etc etc. It foams up well using a pouf. It will be my one purchase only, dont think will get anymore. The scents is very light and undetectable. I will prefer Yuzu soap that sort of scent up my whole bathroom.

                    I have not gotten to use the peppermint from TNS yet but I sure do like peppermint especially the hot weather now. I got it in the handmade form and not the other machine made. I got the sandalwood because the smell grew on me when I was in Bali. The hotel suply the sandalwood soap and I kind of get addicted to the scent.

                    I am lemming for feto soap, tami's and tval at this momemt


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                      just went to check out tami's soaps. not bad. all look so good. especially the bay rum scented ones. do i sense more lemmings coming?


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                        I am trying very hard not to be tempted. I need to at least finish half of what I have bought before I consider. Luckily I have my cosuin to share the soaps, so most of them, I cut half. when S & L arrive, I will have more soaps.

                        I like the Tval cake soap tho, they look nice to give as gift too so are those from Feto soap.


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                          Me too. I'm trying very very hard to curb the lemmings. My current stash will last me for the next couple of months. And with the S&L haul coming in, maybe the next 6 months. But I can always do with more nice soaps.

                          Maybe, just maybe, we can all control enough to have the Tval spree only in June. Anyone keen on Tval if there's a spree?

                          In the meantime, control we must......


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                            I use up my soap faster than the creams and lotions. June may look good but LOL, it's just 2 wks away.

                            I find that showering or take a bath is a very relaxing thing to do at the end of a day. Since I don't have the luxury of a bath tub, I am willing to spend on some nice soaps.

                            Saluki, did u get any soap bags? Or using pouf?


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                              oh. same here. i still have quite a few creams sitting in my drawers and on my desk. but i keep opening new soaps to use. and since i take 2 if not more showers a day, i go through soaps pretty quickly as well.

                              my family does have the luxury of owning a bath tub which is built in my parents' bathroom, but it's unused. mum doesnt allow anyone of us to use it as she say it's very hard to wash. even though i volunteered to wash it. so cant get any bath bombs and all.

                              hence, showers r a form of escape for me as well. i spend at least 10min (if i'm not washing my hand) or 25min (if i am). i can just soap and lather away. during that time, i can just pretend nothing in the world matters and i dont have to bother about anything else.

                              coffee, no i dont use a soap bag or pouf. firstly i dont know where i can get the soap bag, and i think the pouf is not very hygenie (good bacteria breeding ground). secondly, i like the feel of soap against skin. thridly, i use a bristle brush whenever i feel like having a good scrub, which tends to work up an excellent lather anyway.
                              what about yourself?