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  • KATE - Kanebo's sister line

    saw the KATE (by Kanebo) l on june's cleo. its loosepoweder is onli $25.

    and their eye palette looks nice too..with 4 colors

    heard alot of good reviews about kanebo products.
    what do u gals think of this? anyone tried KATE products b4?

    here's the webbie for KATE cosmetics -->

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    is it in singapore? where are they selling it? can't wait to check it out, they've pretty cute stuff!

    they've some funky makeup in particular their eye shadow palettes which vary each season (i've tried 1-2, quality ok but for the price, size which lasts like *** one season, can't complain!)

    lip gloss tubes are ok, comparable to babypink i suppose

    haven't tried a lot from the line but their ads are always cool


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      yep! its in singapore. available at OG Orchard Point, Seiyu Junction 8, Choa Chu Kang and Metro Sengkang.

      And now --> with any purchase of the KATE makeup at OG Orchard Point or J8, u will receive a free makeover from professional Japanese makeup artiest, Shunichi Suzuki.

      saw lota great reviews about the eye palettes from MUA, think the lip gloss are so-so. excited, going to check it out this week end


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        tried the mini mascara before, those that come in a tube and where the wand is attached to the cover. I've tried the green and the red and they're both nice and quality's good too.


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          This range is available in Taiwan at Watsons. I quite like the packaging but my sister says the quality isnt that good so I havent tried many of the products, only their Lip Gloss which is very very sticky + tacky and I don't really like it


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            KATE is here?? I love its eye colour pencil, it's called MY COLOUR PENCIL i think. There is this holder and it can hold 2 colours (to be purchased seperately).

            Love the black with gold glitter, and the turquoise, and the light blue (a bit silvery bluish) very easy to use as eyeliner plus it's VERY affordable! I used to stock up this when i go japan, now it's here i don't have to fret anymore. PS, many colours seem to be out of stock when i'm in japan, have to go to many drugstores before i can get what i want, do give it a try!

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              I own the my colour pencil as well and I have many different colours. I do like the black colour very much and I use it almost everyday as a eyeliner. It's so easy to use and wearable.
              However I do realise that for some colours, it does not go onto my eyelid as easily as the black colour. So what I do is to clean off the top layer with a tissue and it will be easier to apply. I will also dust a layer of loose power on top of the first application, then apply a 2nd application, because the colour seems to stay better this way, and it doesn't smudge.

              I will definitely repurchase the black colour. Hehe.

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                LEMMING!!! The colours for My Colour Pencil look


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                  this is the best news i've heard tonight! bought some KATE products in Bangkok a few weeks back & I really love their eye colours... both the liners and palettes. Like the fact that they have various mascaras with different type wands... bought one of the comb "finishing" types but have yet to try it out as i still have a huge "stock" of unopened mascaras to get through...


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                    is the eye pencil lasting??


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                      seems like their mascaras are really good! will go get some soon..hehezz..kinda broke now bud the products all seem to be in jap...hmm...dont know what they're talking about.


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                        did i see right?!? GLITTER eye pencils?!?


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                          Originally posted by BaByLuV
                          is the eye pencil lasting??
                          yep~ pretty good staying power... and that's even for someone with greasy lids like mine :roll:


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                            Originally posted by seni
                            seems like their mascaras are really good! will go get some soon..hehezz..kinda broke now bud the products all seem to be in jap...hmm...dont know what they're talking about.
                            don't worry about not understanding japanese... i went down to the OG Orchard Pt counter today and the SA was super attentive and will explain whatever you need to know.


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                              yup, i agree that the staying power is not bad, doesnt crease on me even when i use them as shadow, of course a layer of loose powder is advised

                              i find the light blue colour doesn't stand out as much, so i apply KP's green eyeshadow (from one of the trios which i find the green abit too much sometimes) and poof, i got a nice light turquoisey colour this takes less time compared to blending the KP green to look more natural and it's longlasting + timesaving too. 5min and i'm done!

                              Oh, and i find most of Kate's eyeshadow abit too frosty/shimmery for the office but i think they'll work great for partying
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