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  • Jojoba Oil & Castor Oil

    I found a shop which carried this brand at Holland Village a couple of months ago, but the person who tended to the shop told me they have closed and moved to Citilink. I couldn't find them at Citilink! To cut the long story short...

    Does anyone know where else I can find Desert Essence products?

    I use Desert Essence's Jojoba Oil (100% pure) every day. I use it as a moisturizer, hair conditioner and makeup remover! Its price is fantastic at SGD20+ for 120ml worth of product. Now that I'm running low, I need to stock up!

    Has anyone else tried out items from this line, especially their Shea Butter products?

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    I saw their products as this health store at United Square basement level. HTH!


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      What is the advantages of Jojoba Oil?


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        ^5 jeannette!

        I love this brand's jojoba oil too!I've used up 2 bottles b4 the shop that sells it its no longer there (at parkway).. Now I'm turning to Nature Farm for my jojoba oil.Do let me know if u find it!!

        Lin, jojoba is a 100% natural essential oil.It's not a oil actually but a wax that keeps moisture sealed in, rgdless its for skin or hair.I use it straight from the bottle after shower on my sensitive, rosacea skin.It calms and moisture my skin well, taking away redness too.Its kinda greasy at first but after 10 mins, i blot the extra oil off my face and goes to bed.In the morning, my face is not oil at all!


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          I have it for sale too....and actually, I bought it in a pharmacy. I think it was Nature's farm or something like that....those shops that sell all those vitamin bottles.


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            I think the brand u got from Nature Farm is called Earth Science? The one jeannette was talking abt its a brand Dessert Essence. I cannot find this brand anywhere..i tried both and I like the Dessert Essence better as its lighter..I dun understand why cause they r both 100% pure pressed jojoba oil.Haha..perhaps jojoba seed from different countries.


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              I read from Rosacea websites that jojoba oil is good for this skin condition. My derm suspected that I have rosacea. I am yet to try the Jojoba oil - firstly not sure where to get it and secondly afraid my face may not take it. Since having this red face, I am hypersensitive to all skincare products & cosmetics. It is also extra sensitive to heat and sun.

              Sirius - how long ago since u had rosacea? Besides Jojoba oil, what other products do u use to control your condition, since there is no known cure? I am currently on Tetracyline, using Cetaphil gentle cleanser. Physical sunblock & mineral makeup.


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                Hi ImedeenGirl,

                I have had rosacea for abt 4 yrs now..luckily its now under control.*touchwood*

                But it still comes back if I'm under the sun too long or when I am away to cold and dry country like I did recently to Beijing. When i was there, i'd have 2 red patches on my those china/jap babies we often see.

                Back to topic, i think jojoba oil is of a great help to me.Use on damp skin. It takes away any redness and flakes i have.It works better than any medication.I stay away from sun and fragranced prdts,I cannot use any whitening or AHA/BHA prdts.

                I did not take any oral med but I did use Metrogel for a while before I find it too dry. I researched abit myself and found my HG jojoba oil!
                I'm also using Cetaphil cleanser.
                Do pm me if u need further details on rosacea..I remembered how alone I felt when I seems to be the only one with this skin condition.



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                  Dear Sirius

                  Thanks. I thought I was the only one here too, because all 4 dermatologists I went to have not treated this condition before. They could only say "I think it is Rosacea". Fortunately, (touchwood) I do not have those horrible pastules & papules that I saw on pictures in the internet. I was advised to take Tetracycline for 6 months by one derm but another told me this med will not take away the redness, only the spots on the face. Some days the redness appears to be gone but some days it comes back with a vengence...especially in room with hot orange flourescent lights. I read that IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) is used to treat redness on Rosaceans in other countries, but my derm said he doesnt trust what countries are doing. I have become so paranoid that I would not eat at hawker centres because heat is my no.1 trigger. If jojoba oil works for you, I will try it since a lot of rosaceans in forum sites said this works for them too. Please let me know once you have found where they are selling this brand, Desert Essence. Thank you so much, Sirius - lets keep in touch. My email address : [email protected]


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                    Hi ImedeenGirl,

                    When i think back those days when my rosacea is very bad, i get shudders down my spine.My skin then was oily yet so sensitive that I cannot use any of the pimples cream or any stronger cleanser. I stay away from spicy food and sun alot.Luckily I only have it ard my cheeks, I know it can spread to nose and eyes. I went to see derms, the ever famous Dr Tan from Forum Shpg Centre and NSC.The only improvement I saw was after using jojoba oil.the key is to use it on damp skin.Just keep ur rosacea areas moisturised.I spend a hell lot of money and effort on my skin.

                    One more tip, use powder cosmetics.Liquid/creams one will tend to contain more irritants for our skin.

                    U can try using Nature Farm Earth Science Jojoba oil.Let me know if u need more info on it.

                    Good day


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                      Dear Sirius

                      Is it possible to send me a reply to my email address so that we could communicate via email. Dont want to bore other cotters with our isolated condition. Also, we could share our experiences when trying out products or treatments. I am currently using mineral makeup (today is my 5th day) which I ordered from the U.S. and so far so good. It doesnt react or trigger any redness, and at the same time conceal the redness and providing sun protection with main ingredients as Iron Oxide, Zinc Oxide and Titanium Diaoxide.

                      By the way, I also saw Dr Tan at Forum (in Jan this year), who recommended me to another derm in Mt. E. No results, went to Skin Clinic at Ngee Ann City and finally went to NSC but the senior consultant there not any better. I also spent a lot of money going for blood test to check if I was having auto-immune condition or hormonal imbalance. I intend to go to Dr Tan again since he has the enquire whether it can be used to reduce the redness. Life is not the same after having Rosacea....


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                        Hi ImedeenGirl, can you please post it here? I too, have rosacea. Would like to know more.


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                          Hey Sirius (and anyone else looking for Dessert Essence too) - I'll be hunting down the elusive bottle of Dessert Essence Jojoba Oil soon, and I'll let you know where you can find it, if I ever do!


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                            Yes Jean, do let us know if u got the Dessert Essence Jojoba oil k~
                            U think we should amend the topic of this thread to Rosecea?

                            Hows the Mineral Powder doing for u?Do let me know abt it..I also know that taking Omega 3 pills helps too.


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                              Agree we should have a Rosacea thread - sound like this skin disorder getting common.

                              I'm into my 9th day of using mineral make up - must give the thumbs up - good coverage and doesnt melt or change colour. Besides I dont have to apply sunblock since this is a sunblock, foundation & concealer in one. Cleansing is tedious as I need to cleanse 3 times and application takes time too. I think mineral makeup works best for skin with fine pores. On large pores (like mine) may appear clogged on application but powder settles quite nicely after an hour or so.