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  • Brush Care!

    How often do you girls clean your makeup brushes and powder puffs?

    And with what?

    Please share!

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      I try to clean my brushes in wet style using MAC brush cleanser every week/fortnight.

      As for powder puff, I don't clean them. I change to a new puff. I feel that it'll still be unclean though I've cleansed them using facial foam and soap.


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        I always tissue off after every use and as far as cleaning them goes, If I have been using them daily, I clean my 'wet' brushes (foundation, concealer,lip) once a week using a mild shampoo (aveda brilliant) or soap-free body wash (ego QV).

        Other brushes (powder, blush, e/s) I clean less often, maybe every 2-3 weeks.


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          I clean my natural bristles brushes in mild shampoo and the synthetic ones with brush cleaner. I wash whenever I think it's necessary. I don't put makeup on school days (that's almost everyday) therefore my brushes are not that dirty.
          For powder puff, I use antiseptic soap to wash them.


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            I clean my everyday brushes once a week with MAC Brush Cleanser. I pour some on a cotton pad and swipe the pad with the brush until I don't get any residue.


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              I do a routine cleaning of my brushes from the powder to the lip brush with MAC brush cleaner. What I normally do is to use 1 part of brush cleaner to about 2 or 3 parts water.
              Then I would dip the brushes in and swirl them for 1 min , carefully not to let the water touch the furrel (which is the inside of the brush near the metal handle) and then I would rinse them well under a running tap or a basin of clean water.

              From there, I would use kitchen towels to dab off excess water, reshape and let it air dry. Most of my brushes would dry within 2 hours or less depending on the wind

              Some people say they use Cetaphil cleanser to keep their brushes in tip top condition too
              Tried that but I personally feel it would be better to use a proper brush cleaner.

              For powder puffs, I would use dettol soap to wash it clean and then let it air dry. I would normally change my puffs say about once in 2 mths but I wash it once a week or once a fornight depending on how often I use it .


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                i try to wash them once a week but usually forget brushes are washed with MAC Brush Cleanser and water and left out to dry i don't use powder puffs


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                  stilafaux, i can't imagine swirling your brushes and trying to keep the balance, not dipping the furrel in the water. i'm really clumsy haha.

                  those of you who use the MAC brush cleaner, do you do as stilafaux do?

                  what i usually do about once a fortnight is to put a bit of the MAC brush cleaner on a piece of tissue then swirl my brush around. i repeat this with a clean piece of tissue a few times.

                  for deep cleaning, probably once in 2 months, i wash them with shampoo. for powder puffs, i use my face cleanser.


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                    Flowerfairy, I just use a pretty shallow bowl or mug so that the water doesnt get into the furrel.
                    Sometimes u can use your fingers to help to facilitate the washing better for small eyeliner brushes and such.

                    nywoe uses a tissue paper to swipe the brush so it might be an easier way too but it's to each her own


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                      Originally posted by Flowerfairy
                      those of you who use the MAC brush cleaner, do you do as stilafaux do?
                      Nope, I don't. I transfer the MAC brush cleanser into a spritz bottle, wet my brushes, spritz the cleanser onto the brush and work it in with my fingers. After that, I just rinse off with running water until the water is clear Squeeze dry between tissue paper and lay the brushes flat to dry.


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                        sponges: every 2nd day with mild soap & warm water, squeeze and then air dry.

                        brushes: tissue it everyday, thorough cleansing once a week with Vincent Longo brush cleaner (bought them dirt cheap during their closing down sale), tissue it and lay flat to dry.


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                          Brushes: Wash when I remember to! Trying to keep it to a max of 2 weeks between washes. I use baby or mild shampoo.


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                            i wash using stilafaux's way


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                              i clean by spritzing on the kitchen towel initially, but i found that it wasn't clean enough.

                              nowadays, i clean my brushes every fortnight with my Origins DeepCleansing Shampoo! really gets all the gunk out, leaving my brushes v v soft.

                              when i use them everyday, i just tissue out the excess.