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very pigmented black eyeshadow

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  • very pigmented black eyeshadow

    hi ladies!

    Any recs for a very pigmented black eyeshadow?

    Preferably cheap.

    no pigments please. i'm clumsy.

    shimmer preferred, but optional


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    Mac does a great shimmery one pretty pigmented , black tied or carbon, im not keen with MAC shadows but i found these pretty good


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      me too. i love black tied. it's got subtle sparkles. pretty


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        me three...
        black tied is pretty pretty..
        it as a liner


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          thanks girls!

          Actually I have black tied in a holiday palette, but I need a good black e/s which I can bring around, preferably a cheap one. i used to have Jane clubbing, but it got lost.


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            TBS has a pure black 'e/s' in it's flashing e/s range but strangely, this is a matt black.
            This formula is meant for lining and it's very clingy and hence not easy to blend but it's very intense.

            Good shimmery e/s but not cheap
            -shimmery black from MAC paint.
            - Stila's Pewter - Gunmetal grey .


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              i go for Stila's Pewter too. but it's not exactly black black. it's like what paphio said, dark grey with some shimmer. very wearable and great for smokey eyes.

              i also like MAC's Beauty Marked. i think this has red shimmers in it.


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                tommy hilfiger has a nice black e/s too..
                the name is insane...slightly more pigmented from black tied..
                in fact its so pigmented that i only used it once !! heee

                but not sure if the brand is still available in sg tho


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                  try Wet N wild. It has super cheap eye shadows and it has a duo(black & white), best thing is for you to troop down to the drugstores to check all the brands out! Try Canmake too. Large range of shades. I think i've seen black eyeshadow at ZA and Fasio too!


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                    I second Wet n Wild. The texture of the black eyeshadow is not bad.


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                      i really like black tied and MAC's black matte pigment which is exactly what you dont want! damn.

                      but seriously, the pigment's are easy to handle!


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                        Thanks for all the recs ladies

                        This is gonna sound quite cheapskate, but I don't think I'm willing to fork out $25 for a MAC because this eyeshadow is for backstage use ie. many people will dig their dirty fingers into it and it may get lost.

                        Really appreciate the recs anyway! Will check those out if I can't find a cheaper alternative.


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                          oh, then it's really understandable. check out wet & wild then?


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                            Check out Red Earth too, they might have a black e/s in their current collection. This should be around $15.

                            Or dig around Robinson's or John Little's makeup trolley during their big sale (should be now or round the corner).
                            M/u can be severely marked down while low end brands like UGNY might be offered.

                            Good luck!

                            Thanks to this thread, dug out my Tommy Insane and wearing it today Tommy discontinued their m/u line one or two years back.


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                              See if there are any theatrical makeup store near you. The eyeshadows are usually pigmented but matte. The prices are usually pretty low too! Check out brands like Ben Nye and Kryolan!