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  • Childhood shampoo

    Remember that Egg one that was used on almost all of us as children? Egg or yolk something.

    Remember what it is called and can still get it these days or not?

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    Re: Childhood shampoo

    uh.. what shampoo is that? i only saw an ad for cleanser past few months, which also contains egg, available at lee ***.
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      This is so strange. The moment i saw this thread, i keep recalling what's the shampoo i used when i'm a little girl...

      Sharon, so coincident, i also used some egg shampoo, it comes in a plastic bottle, the shapoo is yellow in color, and it smell just like egg. Hahaha... i remember buying it with my mum at the HDB grocery shop that sell everything imaginable. Sigh.. regret changing my shampoo from this one, cos the egg shampoo really makes my hair so soft and manageable. Now my hair is so yucky.

      Come to think of it, that must be almost 20yrs ago. How time flies....


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        yah....feeling super nostalgic =) well if we happen to chance upon it, let's let each other know!

        messy - it's a shampoo from 30 yrs ago...