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  • Hair salon academies

    Just wondering if anyone here have been to any of the hair salon academies eg. Kimage, Tony & Guy etc before ?
    If yes, what services did you had and how much did you pay for it ? Was it worthwhile for the price ?
    Been tempting to dye my hair at those academies because of the low prices as i'm currently rather broke !
    Would like to hear from you all !

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    Re: Hair salon academies

    heya miracle, i have been to da Toni & Guy academy during march and da experience was horrid. paid $8 for a haircut. my shoulder length hair was snipped into a ugly shape. short ugly hair! ewww! it was gross. even da supposed professional there told da student-that-cut-my-hair-for-me that the haircut did not look like an advanced cut. dont go. they'll use you as one of those ginuea pigs. im growing out of it now hoping to get a nice haircut at shunji this coming march
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      hmm..every heard of cut & curl? i **** its also one of the hair salon academies..hmm..heard from my frend *** it is good and quite cheap if u let the trainie do ur hair..I wanna dye and cut my hair dere..still nt sure how it cums out..but..seeing the result of my fren..hmm..nt bad..haha=p


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        i've got good cuts at toni & guy academy before. you can print a voucher from their website to get your hair cut free between 10am-2pm on weekdays, i think. it takes AGES, so this is probably only good if you're willing to spend part of a day off getting your hair cut, or if you're a tertiary student. my hair was cut by trainees from china and vietnam or something. from what i gather, they're hairdressers in their country but are getting professional training in toni & guy singapore. i've been there 3x and am very happy with the cuts (free, ***).


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          i feel tempted to do a technical colour aft my exams at kimage acadamy, the prices are so MUCH cheaper and from what i knw, only the senior students are allowed to do chemical services for ppl.