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    Came across this web site, and now I'm in love with their Sparkle Eye Liner set. Saw their awesome reviews on MUA. And they ship international for USD9.95. And for now, if you order more than USD50, you get a free lip gloss and a surprise gift! More lemming!!!

    Have anyone tried this brand?

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    hi momopeach,

    nope... haven't heard of or tried this brand before... but did a search on <font color=ff0099>girlactik</font> and thought it'll be of help to put up the website for all to see...

    here is goes: Girlactik Cosmetics

    the cosmetics look chic and cute... the website's welcome page is quite stunning too. i like the cute pink pouch that comes with each of their brush... and the sparkle eyeliner set is so cool!

    but oh no no.. i <b>h-a-v-e</b> to curb any uprising lemmings for now... cuz i'm holding on for my big splurge on the new stila items coming up.. yippee

    so have to be good for now... :roll:

    - crazygirl


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      Re: GirlActik Cosmetics

      Originally posted by momopeach
      Came across this web site, and now I'm in love with their Sparkle Eye Liner set.

      Have anyone tried this brand?
      I have their eye liner set, and love how vibrant the glitters are. The cream base however, can get pretty 'wet' due to our climate. But it has not streaked or dripped on me yet, so no complains except that it can feel pretty 'wet. Looking on the bright side, the 'wetness' of it does a fantastic job of keeping the glitter on.

      If you have oily lids however, do use a primer or the cream base will slip and slide ALL over!


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        This looks so lovely!!
        Ashley Hartman Is The Girl In Green!

        Radiant Skin: Face Glimmer in Pink Diamond for highlighting areas
        Lid: Star Shadow in Flash
        Middle of Lid: Glam Eye Powder in Green Glam blended on lid
        Sparkles: Apply Pearl Base on middle of your lid and then dab on Sparkles in Aqua
        Lashes: Star Lash Mascara in Mink Black
        Cheeks: Star Blush in Havana
        Lips: Star Gloss in Innocent Pink

        Tools Needed: Shadow Brush, Angle Blush Brush and your fingers


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          had just ordered on-line a few of their products.. especially the starline eyeliner.. will post pics & review here after i receive it.


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            What colors did you get?


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              Originally posted by momopeach
              What colors did you get?
              bought 1)Pearl Base,2)Pink Single 3)Lavender Single,4)Gunmetal Set
              total US$61.95...
              hope turns out good they all look so lovely


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                Sounds lovely! Must do a review for us after you tried them, ya?


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                  ok sure no problem at all.. so eager to try it.. hope i can get it within this coming week..


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                    I've got my package on last friday.. so happy.. the eyeliner so nice... it.. even my MD (a guy) also said it looks so nice.......will post pics once MUA can do up loading.


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                      Wow the shipping is fast!

                      Can't wait to see the pics


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                        couldn't upload in MUA so far :roll:


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                          ok girls, this is my girlactik package & FOTD.. (only eyes)

                          my eyes using the purple eyeliner.. and Kate's eye colour pencil in purple & pink & Anna Sui's trio e/s.


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                            Aaaahhhhhhhh this is so pretty!

                            ssgg02, how is the staying power? Which is your fav shade?


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                              momo, the staying power is good.. i apply on morning around 7am and these pics are taken at 10pm after i reach home.. stays whole day.. first time i try it on the sparkles will drop some here and there but the second time i try applying bit by bit and now no problem at all.. nice sparkles nice colour and stay whole day..
                              my fav colour is pink & purple.. will order more.. by the way i've got free gift cos i bought more then US$50 they gave me a lip gloss (golden colour) and heaven dust powder(lavender) as seen on pic.