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    L'Artisan's Summer Fragrance for 2004

    Like all other perfume power house, L'Artisan also knows how to capture the mood of the moment. How? You may ask, well, it comes in the form of their LE launch Ananas Fizz

    I had the honor of smelling this some time ago, before it was launched and I must say this is truly a summery scent with the addition of pineapples in its middle notes. Truly C'est la Vie! Top notes of citrus grapefruit is very delicious. However, even with the addition of all the citrus notes, the perfume is not OTT. I shall leave you with a short intro from Aedes:

    A sparkling, exotic cocktail based on the unexpected fragrance of an exceptional fruit: the Victoria pineapple. Artisan Parfumeur carries us off to the islands ? for a sparkling, colourful summer! Right at the heart of our adventure we find a cocktail of citrus and sunny fruits topped with the unexpected and radiant presence of pineapple. Deliciously scented freshness and softness ? the exotic treasures blend in a subtle, mouth-watering note. It?s none other than ?Ananas Fizz?, the new summer eau de toilette! ?Ananas Fizz? ? a fragrance to make you sparkle all summer long? The star of the show is preceded by a generous dash of citrus fruits, with the head notes of pink grapefruit and bitter orange. A dash of pure rum and then you find ? beneath its cascade of leaves: the Victoria pineapple that grows in the Reunion Islands. The smallest, most precious and most exquisite of all pineapples, drenched in summer sunshine?This fragrant cocktail is completed with Lychee sap, creamy cocoa milk and vanilla?, to carry us away on the swaying breeze to the edge of a wood. Such is the bewitching guise of ?Ananas Fizz?! ?Served? in a large bottle, this is an eau de toilette to be sprayed without moderation! Spray ?Ananas Fizz" and immerse yourself in the irresistible wave of a fragrance bursting with jubilation and delicacy.

    BTW, I really dig the packaging. Cos L'Artisan seldom comes out with such a whimsical packaging

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    I forgot to ask Jean the other time round but anyone knows how much the amber balls are selling at?? TIA


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      Hmm, did anyone else know they've got such a pretty online shop:


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        So tempted to get Un Zeste d'Ete since I only have a little bit of this left.

        Actually based on the current exchange rate, I guess the price at Escentials isn't too bad after all.


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          Better get it before Feb 1st, IIRC, Creed and some other stuff's increase will be then.


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            Now independent

            Press Release Source: Cradle Holdings

            Cradle Holdings Announces the Spin Off of L'Artisan Parfumeur as an Independent Company
            Thursday January 6, 4:09 pm ET

            NEW YORK, Jan. 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Cradle Holdings today announced that its wholly owned subsidiary, L'Artisan Parfumeur, a prestige personal and home fragrance company, has been spun off as an independent, privately-held company effective immediately. The Company also announced that Penhaligon's and Erno Laszlo will remain subsidiaries of Cradle Holdings. Cradle Holdings noted that the ownership and operational leadership of each company will remain substantially the same -- Alan Fearnley will serve as President and CEO of Cradle Holdings and Remi Clero will remain President and CEO of L'Artisan Parfumeur. Fox Paine & Company, LLC, a leading San Francisco-based private equity firm, will remain the controlling shareholder of Cradle Holdings and L'Artisan Parfumeur.

            Rip Mason, former CEO of Cradle Holdings, has joined Fox Paine as Senior Managing Director and will be involved with Cradle Holdings and L'Artisan Parfumeur, as well as with a number of additional Fox Paine investments. Additionally, Mr. Mason has been appointed Co-Vice Chairman of Cradle Holdings and non-executive Chairman of Penhaligon's and Erno Laszlo. Prior to joining Fox Paine, Mr. Mason served as Vice Chairman and Executive Vice President of Jafra Cosmetics International, a $420 million manufacturer and direct seller of prestige cosmetics with operations in 15 countries. Prior to joining Jafra, Mr. Mason was a Founder and Managing Partner for 18 years at Mason, Taylor and Colicchio, a law firm specializing in mergers and acquisitions and corporate finance.

            Saul Fox, Chairman of Cradle Holdings, L'Artisan Parfumeur and Chief Executive of Fox Paine, stated: "Approximately three years ago, during a period of significant upheaval in the luxury goods sector, Fox Paine backed an idea conceived by Robert Nielsen, former Group President of Estee Lauder, with more than 40 years of cosmetic industry experience, to invest in promising prestige brands in need of experienced cosmetic industry management talent and growth capital. To this end, Cradle Holdings acquired three unique luxury brands, Erno Laszlo, Penhaligon's, and L'Artisan Parfumeur. These companies have rewarded Cradle Holdings for its investment of capital and management attention with their prodigious growth."

            The Company also noted that Mr. Nielsen, former CEO of Cradle Holdings, will remain Co-Vice Chairman of Cradle Holdings. In addition, Robert Trauber, Cradle Holdings' Executive Vice President since January 2004, will assume the roles of General Manager of Erno Laszlo and U.S. General Manager of Penhaligon's.

            Alan Fearnley, who will serve as President and CEO of Cradle Holdings, has served as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Marketing Office of Penhaligon's since August 2004. Prior to joining Penhaligon's, Mr. Fearnley was SVP Corporate Strategy and Business Development and later Chief Marketing Officer for Jafra Cosmetics. Prior to Jafra, Mr. Fearnley served in senior executive positions at Dermalogica, Gillette and Avon.

            Remi Clero, who engineered L'Artisan Parfumeur's growth during its two year expansion as part of Cradle Holdings, will remain President and CEO of the company. Mr. Clero brings significant entrepreneurial, strategic and operational talent to his role as CEO of L'Artisan Parfumeur, with over 10 years of experience in branded businesses at an international level and in the luxury goods sector. Prior to joining L'Artisan, Mr. Clero served as CEO of Paco Rabanne fashion and fragrance businesses following four years as Director of Strategy at Pepsico headquarters and as a manager at the Boston Consulting Group in New York.

            About L'Artisan Parfumeur

            L'Artisan Parfumeur is a 35-year old, Paris-based, prestige personal and home fragrance company. Its luxury products are distributed through the company's own retail stores and through high end specialty stores worldwide. L'Artisan Parfumeur is well known for its Mure & Musc, Chasse Aux Papillons and Premier Figuier fragrances as well as its uniquely beautiful candles, terra-cotta amber balls and scented sachets.


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              Price increase may be related to this news. Click this for a list of 2005 launches.


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                La Chasse aux Papillons Extreme

                They've come up with the extreme version of the popular La Chasse aux Papillons.


                For those who adore ?La Chasse aux Papillons? here is the new Eau de Parfum version. An elixir of suave, sun-drenched white flowers.

                Spices add their notes. The crisp freshness of pink pepper bursts forth and saffron arouses emotion. White flowers get even more captivating. Jasmine reveals its slight apricot note and, in this velvet evening atmosphere, tuberoses and ylang-ylang reveal their sweetest scent?Voluptuous sensuality!

                An evening version of extreme elegance?

                Blend : tuberose, orange blossom, spices

                It will probably be available soon.

                Pics and Description from:
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                  Quick price check! What are the current prices at Escentials (both 50ml and 100ml)? Thanks!

                  ETA: No matter, just called Escentials Tangs. 50ml $122, 100ml $166.
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                    La Chasse aux Papillons Extreme is in at Tangs! Well, the tester anyway. Stock should be in tomorrow or the day after. I don't like it, it's too sweet.


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                      Summer Limited Edition 2005

                      Extrait de Songe

                      Created by Olivia Giacobetti
                      Notes: mint, rose, orange blossom, linden, hay, woods, and white musk.

                      Extrait de Songe comes in a 100 ml bottle and includes a refillable 8 ml purse spray & funnel in a taffeta case.


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                        LOL, shall we share this again?


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                          Hahah, I shared last year's with Smartcat. This one sounds nice too! What is with these huuuge bottles?? But at least I can use up all those bottles from my bottle spree


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                            Wow, this one sounds nice! If you are sharing can I share too?


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                              And Olivia Giacobetti fans will be interested to know that she has created a candle for Bottega Veneta. The candle is manufactured by L'Artisan, and is available in L'Artisan & Bottega Veneta boutiques -- no idea if it is in the US though. It has notes of smoked tea, a "rain accord", iris, cut grass, a "chimney accord" and leather.