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    Originally posted by saresha
    Extrait de Songe

    Created by Olivia Giacobetti
    Notes: mint, rose, orange blossom, linden, hay, woods, and white musk.

    Extrait de Songe comes in a 100 ml bottle and includes a refillable 8 ml purse spray & funnel in a taffeta case.
    It's now available at Escentials Raffles (Tangs unconfirmed) for $166. You can get samples in little taffeta pouches too. You have to hurry, though, because stock has been recalled, due to an infringement of rights to the name (it belongs to Annick Goutal, to be used for an upcoming fragrance). You have till the end of the month to grab a bottle.

    My impression is that the orange blossom here is quite distinct, in a clean, fabric softener kind of way. It's a little sweet, a little powdery, and completely unmemorable. I much prefer last year's Ananas Fizz.


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      I just got L'artisan's Mure et Musc Extreme EDP at the Luxasia sale at $35!!! Very happy


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        I really want one of these:

        Scented Amber Ball

        ? Decoratively hand-carved terracotta spheres.
        ? Contains natural amber made with an exclusive blend of natural oils and resins.
        ? Releases a subtle scent for up to 8 months.
        ? Four sizes available (shown front to back): small (20 grams), medium (50 grams), large (100 grams), or (not shown) maxi (200 grams).

        Pics and description from


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          Chev, I like it too. Unfortunately, I wonder how much scent it can dissipate though.


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            Definately the dissipation rate is not as good as a candle but i just the carvings on the wooden ball!


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              Fleur d'Oranger 2005

              This is the first creation of a new series of outstanding perfumes that will be enriched by the surprises that harvesting has in store. Each will have the vocation to celebrate an exceptional vintage year of a natural raw material, each especially reserved for L?Artisan Parfumeur.
              By definition, each will be a limited edition because once the vintage is exhausted, it can not be recreated. Each will be presented in an exceptional way, each numbered, unique?
              First sublime raw material: the orange blossom that had an exceptional 2004 harvest. Harvested and processed in Tunisia, in the fields of Nabeul, this raw material was reserved for us.

              For the first creation of this new collection of ?Grand Cru?, L?Artisan Parfumeur?s hallmark 100 ml bottle is adorned with a thousand elegant details: the facets are engraved with orange blossoms, the bottle is numbered and signed (2990 copies). It is topped with a copper cap reminiscent of a still, and wrapped in specially printed silk paper. It is presented in a luxurious wooden box closed by a thick ribbon and engraved on all four sides just like the ?Grandes Reserves?.

              Family : Soliflore
              Blend : orange blossom, petit grain, beeswax


              Sadly, this fragrance won't even be coming to Singapore, so I can't even decide for myself if I'm willing to spend US$250 on a fragrance! Waaah


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                OMG! And I so like the descriptions of it! Vintage!


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                  I love orange blossoms but this is way to pricey and troublesome to obtain!


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                    The thing is, if we could try it first at least, we could arrange to share a bottle like we did with Creed FdTRB. But I can't even get a sample off eBay


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                      Wondering if it would smell remotely like a Pomander??

                      Do you think Escentials could do a special order?? That was what we managed to do with Creed FdTRB right??


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                        I read reviews that said it smells like fresh and delicate orange blossoms! It's a bit cheaper in Europe at 190 euros (S$376). US$250.00 = S$417. If you order from the L'Artisan site they will ship from Paris and charge you euros I think.

                        With FdTRB I did ask for it, but it only came months later, and it isn't an LE item, so I dunno. No harm asking tomorrow!


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                          Fresh and delicate orange blossoms sounds very citrusy and nice.