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Can locals buy from DFS?

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  • Can locals buy from DFS?

    hey gals,

    i didn't know where best to post this, so started a new thread here.

    we know there are some good deals at <b>DFS Scotts</b> for cosmetics, fragrances and branded goods. my question here is, can locals buy from DFS Scotts? i mean how does this whole duty-free thingie work? do those rates only apply to tourists? or we can make purchases there too?

    sorry for sounding silly, i just never really knew before...

    - crazygirl

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    Yes you can buy from there crazygirl , just that you would not get duty free prices unlike the tourists. I think they can claim back the tax if they buy at scotts.


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      thanks stilafaux

      that means the listed retail price we see is the price we pay? but the tourists can claim back rebates on top of the retail price?

      i remember seeing some items selling at lower rates than at the malls..

      - crazygirl


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        I don't know about the rates being lower but items like Chanel and EL sell the same price.

        The thing about DFS is that you can get travel exclusive sets which normal malls don't sell.

        yes regarding the tourists thing about claiming. It's either they can claim or they get a "discount"



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          oh now i know *finally enlightened*

          thanks again gal!

          i did see a lip palette set from EL that i bought at S$42 some time back at tangs. at DFS they're selling at S$33 only.. either they're selling cheaper at DFS or maybe it's the gss rate across the board now.

          - crazygirl


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            I am a bit confused as well. Do you have to show a foreign passport?


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              If I am not wrong , I think so Ling.

              crazygirl : oh? I did not know that. that's funny.


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                Stila - thanks again for providing info, the Dior no. was invaluable, my father did manage to get me the palette after all!

                Oooo... As I have dual citizenship, if I flash my Australian passport does that entitle me to a discount?


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                  I am not too sure about the dual discount thing and the dual citizenship. I would try to ask my friend who is currently working there for more details on this.


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                    hihi i think i can help abit hehe,

                    stuff at DFS is same as retail prices outside, everything is opened to public so anyone can shop there.

                    HOWEVER, ONLY if you hold a special pass for example, SIA pass, Tour pass, or you are a tourist in sg, you can buy stuff at DFS (tax free/ discunteD)Prices.

                    the only thing that is different about the stuff.. for example cosmetics, is that they sometimes have sets that are not availible in retail stores.

                    prices of rebates for different brands carry a different percentage for various pass holders.

                    sometimes they have sales open to public as well, but it's usually the same sales they have in their own retail boutiques

                    hope you all understand me.. lol!


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                      That's quite different to DFS here.

                      All cosmetics/fragrances, you can only purchase (at tax/duty free prices) if you are a traveller and hold a valid ticket and passport.

                      No purchasing for locals.. not even at retail prices

                      Locals are entitled to purchase other stuff though at retail prices (accessories, etc)


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                        when i was in vancouver, the locals cant even go into the DFS store, weird huh? i was with a fellow cotter there and i had to show them my passport and airticket before they even let us go in


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                          An airticket and passport are what the DFS staffs look out for before they can issue any duty-free prices.


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                            while in HK some years back, we had to go to the DFS store within a certain period of time for the discounts to take place, does this apply in SG too? or for that matter, does this apply in HK DFS now too?