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  • Citylips

    With its proprietary blend of ingredients, City Lips enhances collagen and lip plumping factors for fuller, more youthful lips in as little as a month. By applying City Lips twice a day, collagen is enhanced and blood circulation is increased producing a supple, glossy, hydrated kisser. City Lips is affordable, fun, and simple to use?and that's not just lip service.

    Anyone tried this before? Any comments on this product whether it really works?

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    Hi Coyote

    Hope you still read this. I am using it at the moment! I think it really does plump up abit. I like the tingling sensation after you apply it on your lips. But it's not available in Singapore yet.


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      It does work to a certain extent, but for the price vs effect, it's not worth the money. You might as well get collagen injection that lasts a bit longer. Lip color also slips off very easily after you apply this, and I don't know why the advertising was approved - there is no proven sunscreen ingredient - you can't say that it helps with sun protection in this case. It is much cheaper than when it first started though. At least it's not in the clickpen that only has like 1.5 ml of product.


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        But doesn't it hurt? To go for the real thing? My threshhold level of pain very low nowadays.
        It's quite expensive but I'm so addicted to it now. I like the fact that it is not sticky like the rest of the gloss around. I apply it at night too and the next morning my lips are so smooth. I have really dry and neglected lips.