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  • lack discipline

    dear cotters,

    any one here like me comes home late and would end up dozing off without going through the night regime of cleansing?

    Sigh... always hate myself the next morning i get up.

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    sometimes, I become lazy and don't follow the entire regime.
    e.g. I will omit essence or eye cream.

    BUT I will definitely wash off my makeup and double cleanse, and follow with a swipe of toner no matter how late or tired I am.


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      I can be lazy at times, when I come home too late.....but I will definitely force myself to remove my makeup and use a cleanser after that. Before I stumble to bed , I will use a moisturising toner and skip my night moisturiser and eye cream.

      I hate the feeling of going to bed with makeup


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        no matter how tired i am i will definitely remove my makeup before going to sleep


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          same here, because the thought of sleeping with all the gunk on my face disgusts me! also, my pillowcase will be full of foundation stains and what nots when i get up the next morning! :puke:


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            Yeah, I've also never slept with MU on, not even back in the good old days when I return home all tipsy after a night of heavy partying. The price is too much to pay, can't imagine how clogged my skin will be in the morning.


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              guess u gals are better than me.

              i don't really put on makeup except for sunblock.

              but am really really so tired to make a trip to the bathroom to cleanse myself of the pollutants that landed on me.

              will have to force myself from now onwards.


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                Very long time ago, I was lazy before and there are times I just doze off within cleaning my face. Big mistake!

                Nowadays I always cleanse my face after I reach home and change my clothes no matter how late. It has become a routine somehow.

                I think this really helps in maintaining your skin clean and clear!

                If you are really too lazy to cleanse when you reach home late, at least bring some makeup wet wipes along everywhere you go and wipe away the makeup using them while on the way home! This will help somehow rather than going to bed with makeup on.

                I think it also freshens you up enough to remove makeup properly when you reach home. Hope this helps!


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                  have never tried that before

                  i always take a shower before i go to bed, then wash my face taking off all the makeup or whatsoever

                  i cant imagine dragging myself to bed with makeup still on!


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                    me too! i have to wash my face & take a quick shower no matter how tired i am before i sleep.. even if its just cleanse and tone, good enough for me


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                      Ditto both duckiee and viv, I cannot stand going to bed without shower and my MU cleansing off regime!
                      Just feels so icky and all


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                        I can never sleep without washing my face (unless I did not get out of the house at all that day). But sometimes I will just omit all the night moisturizer, eyecare and lipcare routine when I am too tired.


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                          I definitely have to wash my face before going to bed. I tend to skip washing my face in the morning though, if I'm just staying home.

                          Anyway those face wipes can come in really handy on nights when you're dead tired, especially when it's 4,5am and you stumble home drunk and can't be bothered with washing your face proper.


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                            You guys are so gonna be disgusted with me. I sleep with makeup on all the time. It was alot worse when I was younger. I could go like 2, 3 days without washing my face.


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                              Same here! I used to sleep with my makeup for days when I was 15! My longest record was wearing makeup for a week! Of course, now that I am getting old, been very cautious and make sure I remove my makeup no matter how tired I am.