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    i checked out the brush yesterday. it felt quite rough when i brushed it against my skin. looking for softer alternative.


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      it's alright if the brush is rough. if it's soft, you might not be able to achieve the circulatory benefits.


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        interesting sounds like a good back scrubber


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          hi viv, you can use the brush in the shower with your favourite shower gels. i generally like to use mine dry. it might hurt a little at the start coz of the bristles.


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            thanks mich! hee hee i always like scrubbing!


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              there's another advantage in dry brushing. i read it in a mag that it breaks down cellulite! that's enough reason to get brushing away!


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                hihi do ur do this in a circular motion towards the heart or how ah?


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                  DRY BRUSHING

                  What it is
                  Dry Brushing is a technique that encourages lymphatic drainage. The lymph system, unlike the circulatory system, has no pump (as in the heart) to do its' important job. The normal everyday movement of the muscles and gravity keep the lymph flowing. Then the wastes are eliminated throughout the various excretory organs of the skin (the largest organ in the body) lungs, colon, and kidneys. Common complaints of cellulite, arthritis, depression, and even high blood pressure have been believed by research, to be due to poor lymphatic drainage. Dry brushing can also help to reduce puffiness, removes dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. Because as we age, our metabolism slows down, and our body shedding its' skin cells slows down too. This is when we can assist our body exfoliating, via sea wool sponges, loofahs, and dry brushing.

                  How to dry brush

                  You need a bristle brush, that you will keep dry, but washed in hot soapy water every 2-3 weeks. Brush your body once a day before you shower or bath. You can also do it twice in the area that you have lots of cellulite. For best results, take a break for a week each month, so that your body doesn't get used to it, and become lazy by not doing it on it's own! Begin with the feet, then work up to the legs with sweeping movements, yes being gentle at the same time, always making sure you do the front and the back of your body parts. If you have never done this before, be careful not to scratch your skin. Brush up over the buttocks and up as far as you can reach up the mid back region. ALWAYS sweep your movements towards the colon and heart. Brush your fingers, hands, up the arms, across and down the shoulders, neck and chest. When brushing the abdominal region, think of this area like a clock if you are looking down, and go in a clockwise circular motion. You want to dry brush by following the colon's shape. This technique will take no longer than 5 minutes.

                  After dry brushing for a week or two, if you develop tiny pimples?do NOT be upset!

                  Here is why:
                  This means that you are stimulating your lymph system, and this technique of dry brushing is working, and you are assisting your body by eliminating the toxins through your skin. Continue dry brushing, and in about a week, your skin will look healthy, and be glowing like never before.

                  CAUTION: Skin brushing can be safe for almost everyone. Unless you have a skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema, open skin wounds, or infection. AVOID DRY BRUSHING THESE AREAS.

                  Consult your personal healthcare physician or homeopathic physician before dry brushing.