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  • Givenchy

    i figured as the brand makes it come back in Singapore, it would be timely to start a thread on Givenchy's products.

    I had good experience with the malay SA at bugis givenchy.
    I got the prisme 04 which looks great, smells great and rather idiot proof.
    on top of that, the lovely SA gave me and my friend samples of the lipstick and foundation.
    I used the Caramel foundation today, find that it is quite smooth and lends a sheen to the skin.
    One huge rave is that after applying it on my eyelids to help hold the eyeshadows, it's now 4pm and guacamole is still staying strong with the olive mica i used.

    For my case, by 2-3pm, my eyeshadow would crease and i have to touch up. Today i didn't need to !

    I am lemming it quite a bit........however got to resist as i just got the MAC select sheer spf15

    The lipstick lasted till after lunch when i wipe my lips. nice colour. doesn't look like much in the packaging but it goes on quite natural on the lips.

    Anyone else bought givenchy?

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    Hi Alya, is the prisme 04 you bought the one with white, yellow, green and blue squares? I have been lemming this and sort of waiting to see if there will be any Seiyu storewide discount coming on soon so that I can get it

    By the way, how are you liking this compact?


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      nope that's 02 if i remember correctly
      the SA shared that 01 and 04 are for fairer gals and 2 and 3 for tanner babes.

      mine's more peachy (2 shades of beige, 1 peach and 1 pink)
      i like the compactness as well as the beautiful packaging.
      one complain though....... it comes with a brush which is packed cleverly under the compact but i find it hard to blend well (or maybe it's just me) I prefer to use my own blusher brush. It is effective as both a loose powder for colour correction and radiance enhancement and also as a blusher (the peachy tones) only.

      Overall, i would most likely buy it again. At $39 for the refill, i find it not a bad buy.


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        How's the foundation? Matt finish or dewy? Is it suitable for combi skin?



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          Alya, thanks for the clarification. I think I am going to get it


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            personally i have combi skin, normal sides and t-zone. for me, it has a dewy finish. i quite like it =)

            i believe you can ask for a sample before deciding. hope this helps !


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              i've passed by the counter twice and have resisted the temptation to buy the powder foundation. it's really hard to...

              i dont know if the promo is still on, but if u buy the compact, u can buy the refill at half price (@ S$20+ i think). i LOVE the packaging, small and neat.


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                I used to like Givenchy, and am glad it's still available here. Is Bugis is the only place to get it?


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                  I rem they have counters at Metro Paragon and Causeway Pt..


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                    I have the powder too. It's great for days that I don't want to be naturally. The powder is very sheer and natural. As though not wearing anything.

                    I also bought their lipstick. Quite lasting and moisturing.


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                      i saw a counter at j8 seiyu 2day...


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                        anyone knows if the Cleo Givenchy foundation trade-in promo is still on?


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                          I only own their prisme 02 blush which looks great and costs $48, in my opinion, quite a bomb. Nevertheless, i still love it.


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                            i think the promotion is still on coz when i went 2 the j8 counter last sat. the SA told me abt it...


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                              anyone tried givenchy blush before? is it nice? i've go to their counter. The blush looks classic with the box design~~