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  • Dramatical Mascara

    Couldn't find a thread especially on this brand of mascara which had been much raved about and so i thought i start one here.

    A few questions to Dramatical users :

    There are 2 types of mascaras: the voulme and the lengthening one. Which one do you prefer and which is better?

    There are 2 other dramatical products: The Eyes Ex and the Top Coat. Are they great as well?

    By the way, is the eyes ex the base coat?

    I wonder if it would be too heavy-duty if one apply one coat od eyes ex, 2 coat of mascara and sealed it up with one top coat ? And do you wait for each layer to dry first before applying the next step?

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    Hi Sirius!

    I think they are only available in Japan.


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      And also Sasa in Hong Kong. Remember the last time when I was there, the lengthening was out of stock. I nearly 'combed' all the Sasa outlets and found one.


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        Think there are more stock in Taiwan than Hong Kong. Went tw and hk last month and bought them in tw. Didn't saw them at any of the Sasa outlets I visited in hk.

        Yup, ponine you are right. Eyes ex is the base coat. I prefer the volume one to the lengthening one.
        Eyes ex helps to lengthen your lashes too. As for the top coat, I feel there's not much difference whether I apply it or not.


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          I think the base is pretty useful for separating lashes before applying either the lengthening or volumizing!

          Purple > i went last month and bought some at causeway bay.


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            I've got the base, volume and lengthening ones but I've only tried the lengthening one so far. It does lengthen and prevent smudging, because I use it after my volumising mascara and it hasn't smudged since.


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              This is my HG mascara! The base coat in red tube is a MUST GET. The lengthening and volumn works well on me too! Can get them from Japan, HK or Taiwan


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                i used 2 tubes of volumising and one lengthening. i much prefer the volumising one. unfortunately, on my 2nd tube, i found it to be very wet. but overall, this is a pretty good mascara and if you can get hold of one, it's good to try it out.


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                  Hi jemay,

                  What does the red coat do exactly? i was wondering whether i should get it when i was in japan last year..does it provide some kindof treatment for the lashes?

                  I 've got both the voluminising and lengthening one,
                  up for both of them. either my left or right lashes are more scarce and the volumninising one really balance them out, it really does voluminize without those clumps.

                  And the lengthening one this has black fibres in it and really makes lashes loooong, this was the first i came across with black fibres (hates those with white fibres), really should give it a try PLUS, the price is really reasonable (around sgd$15-17 in japan)

                  i did not get the top coat to try (blue packaging i think), from what i know, the top coat acts as a waterproof layer, since those 2 does not smudge on me, i skipped that
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                    I tried the mascara base yesterday and it was good such that the mascara does not smudge on me at once. It usually does with dramatical volume mascara. I find it a little too damp/wet and maybe that's why it smudge almost immediately after application. The base kind of prevent it.

                    Tried the top coat too but can't see any difference from using this one. I had my mascara on for like 12hours and it did smudge a little at the end of the day.

                    But i would say that for the affordable price, dramatical volume mascara is worth a try. It's works as promised and it's less drying that Fasio IMO.


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                      is this mascara more dramatic than L'Oreal Voluminous & Maybelline Volum Express?

                      which one is more DRAMATIC? lengthening or volumizing one? any links? thx


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                        I think the red tube is the base.


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                          I found out that this Shiseido low-end brand is called FITIT. Here're the 4 types of mascara/primer(Left to Right): Top Coat, Volume Mascara, Dramatical Eyes EX and Long Mascara.
                          <img src=''></img>

                          Any pool purchase for these, I want ALL!!!


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                            may i know the price of these mascaras? can i get them online? which one gives more dramatic lashes: lengthening or volumizing one?? (i already have the dramatical EX)
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                              not jemay but i personally prefer the volumising over lengthening.