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Koh Samui trip [Updated on 28 Jun 06]

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  • Koh Samui trip [Updated on 28 Jun 06]


    Here's 4 out of 17 photo montage I had for my Koh Samui trip (9-11 Jun 06)
    Haven't got the jet-ski and the go-kart photos from my friend's camera..
    Will update that later when I get them..

    Here's the rest of the photo montage!!
    Photo montage for Koh Samui trip

    Watching 1st match of World Cup there!

    The scenery is very nice..

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    My Hall Dinner and Dance Photos..

    Hi all!! Consolidated some of the photos I had taken and put them into different albums... Erm.. May not be make-up related... But just some stuffs that I would like to share with everyone!

    The old ones will be slowly gathered under this post... The new ones will be under the first post.. think this way will be more organised. Feel free to comments...

    Posted on 15 Oct 2005 - My Friend's Wedding

    Bride & Groom // The bride and the "sisters" and the Bridal car // The bride and the "sisters" // Bride and me by the lake // Bride and me outside the Marriott ballroom

    Posted on 03 Oct 2005
    Handmade S.H.E. photoframe for my "sister"
    Overall view // Close up // Side view // Back view, a note from me // A photo of us at the Birthday Party

    Posted on 22 Sep 2005
    My 1st Handmade Photo Frame --> Patsy's Wedding Gift

    Posted on 31 Aug 2005
    Spot The DIFFERENCE!!!
    My First Photo Collage

    Posted on July 2005
    Cross Stitch 1 (at home)
    Cross Stitch 2 finished around 10 Jul 05 (still not framed as of 31 Aug 05)

    Posted in 2004
    My Little Family 1
    New Additions to My Little Family
    Chill Out Night at New Asia Bar with My Hostel-mates
    My Retail Therapy Collections - 15 June 2004
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      Santa! You look really pretty with glowing skin!
      What was ur makeup at the NewAsia bar?


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        Originally posted by stilafaux
        Santa! You look really pretty with glowing skin!
        What was ur makeup at the NewAsia bar?
        Thanks! I thought I would look abit rundown cos the make-up was done at around 11 plus, and the photo was taken around 8pm. Quite simple make-up actually.

        Prescriptive Compact Foundation.. Not sure which one, cos it's not with me at the moment.

        Clinque rich texture blush - 03 Rich Tawny.

        Beverly Hills USA 02ME3 - Fawny
        Some white highlights under my eyebrow

        Beverly Hills USA Velvet Woodberry Matte.

        Those from Beverly Hills are gifts from my friend. Can't remember where she got them from.

        That's all.. nothing special I think.
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          So cute! All your "friends" are stacked together


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            Another pretty gal!
            Cute friends! And entertaining script too.... hahahah!!


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              Added 2 of my cross stitch!


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                I have got the 2nd one hanging in my room!
                my mum made it for me when i was really really young!


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                  What a coincidence... It will also be hanging in my room too once I get it framed up.


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                    i your first cross-stitch!!!! i used to buy the precious moments cross-stitch books.. never really get around doing them i got more motivation to start doing my cross-stitch when i saw yours!
                    and you are very pretty!.. with glowing skin *envious*


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                      do you swim alot?i think i saw ya sewing in the mrt...mmm...


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                        OT a bit... did you frame all your cross stitch or what have you done with them?


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                          fen1314 >> I guess you recognise the wrong person. I will suffer from motion sickness if I doing my sewing on mrt.

                          Althea >> I framed all my cross stitch. But when I was young, doing cross stitch in primary school during art lessons, my mum ever tried to turn it into pencil box (P1), a water bottle carrier (P2), a letter holder (P3), a big bag (P4), a cushion cover (IIRC in P5), and as for P6, the cross stitch was done, but not made into anything. The cloth was black. Do you always do cross stitch in white/cream cloth? I'm getting abit bored by the color.


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                            NEWLY ADDED! My D&D photos on 19 Aug 05!!


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                              Newly added!! A wedding gift that I made for my friend...