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  • Becos and Decoderm Skincare

    Hi, I heard about this brand: Becos and Decoderm from a magazine. it is quite expensive but looks good and i am quite interested in it. Was wondering if any of you have tried it ,please share your experience about it and recommend the great products that you have tried under this brand.

    Thank you

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    I haven't purchased any of the becos products but i've done facial using becos products before. it's generally gentle and they use 'natural' ingredients to make the products. they do have a slightly lower range.. (can't recall the name). i must say that the herbs they use at the salon to do your facial is really good at treating oily/combination and sensitive skin. my usually red skin is greatly calmed after that.

    i don't do facials there anymore due to the skills of the beautician.. and i've found something that works better


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      Thanx Raine perhaps i will go try out their facial.


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        maybe can revive this thread? My friend gave me a bottle of Decoderm soft cleansing cream (its a gift, so I dont know the cost). I use it to remove my makeup - i find not bad. Havent had chance to try any of the other pdts - anyone who has try can recommend some must try & good pdts?