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  • Dermatics

    Anybody tried this? Claims to be able to solve most skin problems. I have some freckles on my face....and they said it can be removed!

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    hi fates,
    I think they're a branch off from obagi, or they used to be obagi then they split up and came up with this line of products, very similar to obagi. I myself am not very convinced by it, I was going to try it cause I heard alot of recommendations saying it makes skin peel and you get new skin or somesort? i wanted super glow, but then, upon dr consultation, he told me, it's very strong. And usually people use this at a much older age to reverse sever skin pigmentation. It's very similar to obagi, you can check out forums for obagi, from my friend's usage experiences, it costs severe peeling for first 2 weeks or so? and alot of redness. then apparently it's supposed to become very clear later, this clear part, I haven't actually witnessed a live exhibit, I've only seen soso results on friends who used obagi. I guess, best to consult dr.


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      Thanks cefindre for your response! For awhile I felt sad cos' nobody replied to my posts....hehe

      Like you, I am not comfortable with the peeling and redness it'll cause to the face. Their products seems too 'acidic' and strong. Did your friend's face became very clear after the peeling? I went to an intro seminar few weeks ago, and learnt that after your face clears up, you still need to use their products for 'maintenance'

      I have some samples here, and I guess I'll just throw it away :p


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        yar, I think better to try other products or at worst, go for microdermabrasion. at least it's a one time thing. dermatics, u have to use it in the long run, then I think it will make the skin more sensitive to sunlight also.
        k, will write more when I come back. gotta run to watch movie now. c ya!


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          My skin is normal breakouts before....just some freckles on my cheeks So I reckon I don't need Dermatics after all....

          I'll invest more on sunblock, and lightening products instead!

          Enjoy your movie gal! :late:


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            hi guys, decided to bump this thread up as im curious about it. anyone else using it?

            my friend had severe acne and i can see that her face has cleared up alot. more comments pls?


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              Where to get Dermatics product? Anyone got good result from it?


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                go goggle / yahoo search "Dermatics " you shld be able to find a list of them
                I do know there is one in Jurong East areas Blk 3XX facial salon, facing near the road ,( nearest mrt chinese garden) , else try the more expensive salon at this website :
                what i can comment their pdts are similar to Drs Secrets ( if you do knwo this pdt as well)