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  • Lancome

    since it's in l'oreal group, we see almost everything lancome has @ a lower price under the brand l'oreal so some gals i know would rather buy l'oreal since they work almost the same so the faithful l'oreal supporters say. i m not much of a fan of lancome since i tried some skincare back then & it was a lil too harsh for me, it dried me up. after which i never tried anything other than JT & now stargloss(OT but starlight is sold out @ most of the counters in SG now).

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    i use the spot corrector blanc expert series and it's been really good so far, but have heard wonderful things about l'oreal too so i'll try that one next

    have also heard great things about flextencils

    i like juicy tubes, stargloss, e/s focus is not bad too

    skincare, i don't like the stuff with the grapey smell (yucks!) but i do like the spf50 sunscreeen


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      I was once a crazy fan of Lancome...tried almost all the skincare from Primodale(sp?) Serum, Primodale (sp?) Nuit, their normal toner, 2-in-1 cleanser cum toner and Clarifance gel cleanser.
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        am using the improved white expert spot correct that works on me but i'm starting to think that it breaks me out a little...anyway only 20% of a tube left so i'll just finish it up

        their makeup remover (the duo-tone one) is great but just too expensive, i can find cheaper alternatives

        a couple of years ago, i tried a mattifying gel (green and in pump bottle) from the range which were ok but not too effective
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          i like the Blanc skincare series. switched over to the entire range and i *think* my freckles are sunspots aren't as obvious now. (at least that's what my friend told me)

          also like their eye pencils, photogenic, and some lippies. and of course JTs!!!


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            lancome's gel clarte cleanser is my staple, smells heavenly and is gd for my combi skin.
            their concealer palette is one of my favourites too.

            am contemplating trying out the blanc corrector for my scars, but the price is so expensive, about $125? i can buy 3 KP trios with this! 8O


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              i bought the white expert whatever spot corrector at $70+ from DFS changi airport T2 last feb


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                ?! my friend told me it costs her $125. Don't tell me the price increased so much?! grr
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                  The lancome Blanc Expert XW II series will be out in the stores form 28 th Mar. Not sure how these differ from the 1st series. There is a spot corrector and a Anti-dark Circle eye treatment. Did anyone spot any magazine redemption for the eye treatment?

                  My panda eyes will be grateful for a sample. There is a workshop going on at the Hilton this saturday for the launch but i was too late to register, else they are giving away samples of the new products.


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                    Their previous spot corrector broke me out.
                    Their compact foundation is good though, natural colors suitable for asians.


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                      the SA told me the II had a higher concentration of Koijic acid and some other active ingredient. *shrug*


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                        Originally posted by Dreamie
                        The lancome Blanc Expert XW II series will be out in the stores form 28 th Mar. Not sure how these differ from the 1st series. There is a spot corrector and a Anti-dark Circle eye treatment. Did anyone spot any magazine redemption for the eye treatment?
                        this is what i found about the new spot corrector:

                        BLANC EXPERT XWII: Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector
                        LANC?ME introduces a Spot Corrector so effective that just after a week of use, your complexion will be visibly lighter, and more even than before.

                        This high-performance must-have treatment works directly on your skin to eliminate, reduce, and inhibit melanin production - the cause of dark spots. Salicylic Acid gently eliminates dead, melanin-laden cells from the surface of the skin. The Advanced Whitening Spot Corrector contains recognised whitening ingredients like kojic acid and Liquitrin which inhibit melanin production in the deeper layers of the epidermis.

                        What's more, the Spot Corrector is a pleasure to use. It's fluid, light and fresh texture soothes the skin when applied. Its non-oily, non-sticky texture is ideal for applying day or night - perfect for Asian skins.

                        Take in its light and refreshing fragrance with head notes of Water lily and Pineapple, and heart notes of Lily of the Valley and Peach.

                        A revolutionary formula like this can only be contained in a streamline tube - completely modern in look and design and in shades of metallic blue, steel grey and gold. The Spot Corrector promises an ultra-effective formula and a burst of freshness for the skin.


                        Extra Whitening Spot Corrector

                        This essence contains the highest concentration of the Liquiritine and Kojic Acid combination.

                        It works at the very source of melanin production to prevent the appearance of brown spots and lighten the skin.

                        Existing brown spots are erased on the skin's surface.

                        Within 28 days use, brown spots significantly fade away and are reduced in number.

                        Your skin recovers its original qualities : transparency, clarity and evenness.


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                          what's the difference between the advanced spot corrector and extra whitening spot corrector?


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                            I am wondering too...I think the extra whitening is stronger for existing brown spots whereas the former is for overall radiance? Got to check out at the counter to confirm.....
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                              just tried their Tonique clarte for a week.. though my pores are still huge ard the acne area.. but the rest seem to have shrunk. =P feel rather refreshing.. and not harsh on my skin at all.. will continue to try some more.. if it is really ok for me.. may invest in the 400ml bottle. =)

                              for those who had tried..any feedback for this toner?

                              The nectar lip gloss is so so lar.. too glossy. doesnt really stay on and moisturize my ever dry lips. think a drug store brand will do a better job than this.