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    Hiya girls

    i have very clogged up pores and nothing i use can help it!!! my friend recommended me to NEWAY products and i am not sure if i should try the full range!

    any comments on it??? raves or rants on NEWAYS???

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    I uses Neways products. I had sensitive skin, and used Neway's "Extra Gentle Cleanser" followed by a cotton swap of "Eliminator"- their mouth wash, to act as a toner for my face (it helps to normalise my skin) ....

    I didn't tell my facialist abt it, but she said my skin had "normalised"..... so, i guess, it works for me. But, be prepared for any 'healing crisis" period where the skin may react a bit, before it benefit from the products..(like purging out the dirt...)

    I would like to rave for Neways as their products do not contain carcenogen ingredients hence it is very safe for usage. I'm using the personal care (shampoo, body wash, 2-way foundation, Sunblock, moisturier etc)... esp love the 'after sun care- Rebound as a moisturiser.... smells yummy too....

    Let me know/ pm me, if u want more info...cheers...


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      i tried Neways shampoo and conditioner before.. and their toothpaste and mouth rinse 'eliminator'. i found that it was only average performing for me.

      there was this period of time that sodium laureth sulphate (and similiar chemicals) were labelled as carcinogenic but later reports have shown that this ingredients is not carcinogenic at all.

      i have yet to try their skincare so i can't comment much.


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        katrina, the mouth wash can b used as toner for the face?


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          hi sakura,
          sorry for the late reply, missed this thread..

          yah, Neway's Mouthwash used as a toner is meant to 'normalise' the skin...

          for toner.... I've read a lot of comments and SOME skin care experts/ counters did mentioned that toner is not a necessary step in their skin care.

          So, my conclusion for Neway's mouth wash is ... use it as a toner sparely (eg. alternate days etc).. because it contain sodium cholride (i think)... which is essentially salt and hence may be a tad of a drying effect.


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            where to buy neways mouthwash , anyone knows?


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              545 Orchard Road #14-08
              Far East Shopping Centre
              Singapore 238882

              Products sold: Skin Care & Cosmetics; Household & car products; Health care products

              Ms Christina Tang
              Country Manager Singapore
              Tel: (65) 6227 1600
              Fax: (65) 6235 5339
              Email: [email protected]