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Using J&J Baby Powder as face powder

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  • Using J&J Baby Powder as face powder

    ingredient-wise, is it safe to be used as facial powder? has anyone had any experienced before?

    it only contains talc & fragrance.. so it should be safe, shouldn't it?
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    Uh I'm not too sure about the ingredients but I assume it will look rather white and unnatural on the face.


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      isn't it available only in white in the first place? Plus, it contains talc right?


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        this is going to sound weird but i've been using J&J baby powder on my face since i was a kid! when i was still in sec school & jc, after applying moisturizer in the morning, the skin might still feel a little sticky so i'll just put on some baby powder and wipe off any excess. my face didn't look abnormally white coz i'm quite fair to begin with. but i never do that when i'm putting on makeup, so now it's only when i'm staying home the whole day. so far there hasn't been any problems with my skin.


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          hmmm i think if your skin is already 'sensitive' or has problems such as acne, then it's best to avoid using baby powder on your face. it'll probably worsen things rather than help it.


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            AFAIK most loose powders have talc as their active ingredient anyway, so it's the extra exciting things they put in the baby powder that'll irritate your face.

            On a similar vein, when I was in Bangkok I saw a girl in the toilet putting J&J baby powder on her face. She sprinkled some on her palm and applied just a bit and it looked OK on her, not too pale. Her skin tone was quite dark too.


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              I think only 'already-good-and-flawless' skin can afford that.