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    You could try Shu Uemura's Velvet Perfect or the Shu Uemura UV Powder Foundation..both are long lasting and very much matte. Don't cake it on though, it'll stifle your face and makes you look older.


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      hey i used to love Kose Sonia 2 way cake also! but i think it's no longer available rite? the colours are great and they're so smooth!

      but i think RMK creamy foundation is great, but could be a tad too thick. i'll mix with moisturiser to use this.


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        try Dior Whitening powder foundation. It's in a white case. It's oil free and has SPF25 PA+++. I like it very much, you can use it dry only, it's not a 2way foundation. HTHs


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          Originally posted by Glossie
          Discontinued before I turned 20, IIRC.
          Amazing. I saw Sonia being sold at AMK's Bestway! The case is now a transparent deep blue; slightly fatter in width, and about as thick as before.


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            korean twin-cakes& red earth


            Does anyone here use korean twin cakes? Any recomendations for acne-prone skin and doesnt get shiny throughout the day?

            oh, and another Q for red earth users: How are red earths twin cakes?

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              what is the best powder foundation have you use?

              any recommendations for powder foundations for oily (but dehydrating) and senstive skin?
              Thanks !


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                Hi dreamz

                I really like shiseido's powdery foundation since it can be used wet or dry depending on how much coverage you are going for~ It's also the most natural looking powder foundation I have used so far. My skin type is dehydrated & acne-prone with combo T Zone. HTH's


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                    hi there...not sure if im posting in the right place..but has anyone tried nu skin's liquid foundation and concealor before? is it recommendable?? TIA!


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                      Can't decide which foundation to buy, help pls!

                      Hello everyone! i am looking for a power foundation ( 2-way cake)
                      which is good and smooth to apply. i have a hard time deciding between RMK powder foundation N and Beaute de Kose sensational white. Has anyone tried them? Pls give me your advice..thanks!


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                        hihi i've tried both, and if you have dry skin, don't buy any of these...

                        these are gd for combi skins though.

                        - sheer to medium coverage
                        - powder is quite fine
                        - matte coverage
                        -oil control

                        kose sensational white
                        -medium to heavier coverage
                        -powder is fine
                        -matte coverage with slight translucency
                        -oil control

                        both look smooth on skin, but if u have dry skin , it will emphasise flakes ( like for me )

                        if you like a flat matte coverage, get rmk, but if u prefer a matte coverage with slight glow, get senstional white


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                            hi.m currently usin ettusais pressed powder,the coverage is okay, i guess if u haf normal skin & dun need much touch up this *** be alrite for you,it costs $47 for the refill & $20 for the compact case if i remembered correctly. on my lighter days,i'll use kose loose powder & it leaves a very sheer shimmer on my face which i like very much,it costs $71, you might want to give it a try too.


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                              hi adessa!

                              i really really like the KP powder foundation that i'm using right now. it's very fine, and imparts a very natural glow. makes my skin look wonderfully soft and fine! i brush it on for a sheerer coverage instead of using the sponge included. love this stuff!
                              IIRC, the refill + compact should add up to $65.


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                                I have the kp powder foundation too and I really like it! My friends were like "Woah...since when did you have perfect complexion?" the texture's really fine and best of all, it provides coverage and looks natural