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  • Originally posted by iepiep View Post
    Have anyone tried the Esprique Precious DRAMATICAL STAY PACT UV EX?

    I just bought it yesterday, shade #300. The SA recommended me #405 which is suitable for my skin tone. But I worried that it will oxidize on me, thus I bought a shade lighter. It does look natural, like you wearing no foundation. Oil-control is okok only, coverage is light to medium.
    hey girl, how much did you get this for??


    • efai: the moisture veil? Its quite expensive now right? I wonder how much its retailing at the airport..
      prettyeagle: I wish i could love ZA like you do..hehe..Whatever it is, ZA has always been my saver...


      • I hv a qn that I don't know where I sh post it... The ZA compact cover is one that comes w a side to put e sponge. I m looking for a cover case w mirror that does not hv e side to put e sponge, coz I don't use e sponge. I use ZA foundation powder w a brush for application instead. So can anyone advise I can find such a cover case, then I can save some space in my cosmetics pouch.


        • zzprincess - Za used to have these promotions where they have the smaller cases + 1 or 2 powder refills. Casing is such that the powder is on top of the powder puff. It's definitely more compact than the larger one, though the mirror is smaller. They regularly have these promotions so perhaps can wait for the next round. Za refills also fit into MM casings since they're from the same company (Shiseido) but not sure if MM has small casings.


          • im using the one that is top-bottom (pink one)
            sponge store at the bottom
            smaller in size but fat

            so give and take


            • I've used ZA and Majolica previously. ZA was better than Majolica IMO.
              But I don't like Maybelline Angelfit because of the strong smell which was too weird for me.

              I just started using Kose Esprique Precious, and it has very good medium coverage, which is buildable also. It doesn't have great oil-control though.

              So, I'm using ZA Pore Smoother on T-zone, and Esprique's Dramatical Stay Base EX for other areas to keep the foundation on well. If you have any other makeup base, also can use together with 2-way, the results are much much better


              • anyone bought the Heroine kiss me smooth powder before?

                I saw it at watsons today. I think it's retailing at $23.90.

                the power has 2 shades, and comes in black packaging. there's another one I think for touch ups in white packaging.

                I googled and saw a review + ingredient list posted. hoping to hear more reviews from you girls too =)

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                • has anybody used Clinique perfectly real radiant skin compact before? hows the coverage, does this oxidises and is it okay if i used mufe hd primer/benefit porefessional underneath it? i have oily skin and im currently using skii cellumination essence in foundation with mufe matt loose powder. But it still gets oily and i feel that the makeup is not holding up well for me. thinking of switching foundation and want to go back to 2way powder foundation. Any recommendations? Thanks babes in advance! :D


                  • Hi All,

                    Is Laneige 2 way good? And also any more review on esprique?

                    Thank you!