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  • peekaboo - PERMED!!!! keke

    Okie, I've permed my hair for a week now. Finally got around to doing this, have been having face allergy for the last 3 freaking weeks now, It's finally dying off now. YAY! :

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    You've got great glowing skin dear!

    Just a suggestion: Maybe you can load up on black/brown eyeliner to bring out your eyes alil' (will look better in photos too since you'll be taking loads of photos that day ) and also a more pink blusher to make you look more 'blushing bride'?


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      yeps! second on the glowing skin! you didn't use any foundation, powder or blusher at all?!? wowwww!


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        I think you can afford to go slightly heavier on your make-up because you will appear pale when you go for the photoshots etc. Perhaps a little more blusher and some browns on your eyebrows. Oh and mascara. Yours is not that obvious.

        But i agree that you have wonderful skin and I like your lip colour.


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          cefindre, you need to go more heavy handed. The colors won't be showing in photos, especially if it's a night event (is it?). Just remember semi-drama.

          Suggest you lined your eyes and lips too, give it a more define look. I think you'll look great in Nicole Kidman's classic red lips look, wanna give it a try? It'll be simple eyes with red lips!

          Get reference from magazines or websites, get a look that you like most. Then from there, recreate that look on you. If you're satisfied, take pics from different angles and close-up shots of your eyes (open and closed views) so this can do a reference for you on the actual day!

          I think this is the effect you're looking for based on the look you've created.

          And, here's the link to their website ( They have details pictures and descriptions. Our skintone and the shape of eyes are slight different from them, you'll need to make tiny changes here and there.

          They have all sort of bridal looks here ( And other looks here (

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            thanks for sharing your wedding makeup.

            your skin is absolutely glowing. definitely more mascara to bring out your pretty eyes. especially since you'll be using a nude lipstick.

            congrats once again.


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              love your skin! you have lovely features so i reckon you just need to enhance them some more.

              my $0.02...

              - dark brown eyeliner all the way on upper, and maybe 1/3 way on lower
              - load up on mascara!
              - try MAC frost or kitchmas for browbone highlight?
              - lippy, maybe a rosier/pinker color? the one you have is nice, but it may not show in photos or look a bit washed out
              - highlight on cheekbones, eg fluid sheer or shimmer blush lightly dusted?

              congrats again!


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       there visible difference?

                Hi guys, just updated. Thanks for all your tips and compliments, I've tried to touch up more with mascara and eyeliner, and blusher.
                Candee cake, that pict's exactly what I' m going for, except the pinky lips, i prefer it more nude coloured. Thanks for the link! I read it up abit, think I'll head out to shop for more eye shadows!!! lol.
                no wedding dinner though, it's a garden reception party thing in nz with full sunlight and lots of flowers. I was thinking this looks ok on picture, but in real life, the colour is quite bright. am afraid to look too wayang ...
                but then again, after loading up on photos, this seems to look like not much difference from the one I posted earlier?


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                  You've got beautiful features, really should play up your eyes!

                  Drawing your brows will make a difference.

                  I think you can be more heavy handed with the eyeliner. You can place the eyeliner at the lash roots with a push brush, you eyes will be defined and you lashes look lusher.

                  Since you love nude lips, it will go very well with a defined eye makeup.

                  Garden party may be a relaxed atmosphere but as a bride, you can afford a little extra to stand out from the guests and to complement the elegance of a wedding gown.
                  Your face should be enhanced especially since the guests will be looking at you from a distance.
                  Else the colourful flowers might also make you look washout


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                    although many of the other girls have commented but I still have to say this. you really have very good skin!! I do not have such flawless skin even with my foundation on.

                    Care to share your beauty tips?


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                      Wow, you've glowing skin. Is it just your genes, or is the love radiating out of your skin? Anyway, I think you really look better with that eyeliner..maybe use a silvery liner on your lower lash line and be more heavy handed with your black eyeliner. What brand did u use anyway? Also try a volumnising and lengthening mascara and maybe line your upper inner rims black and your lower inner rims white/silver to make them more defined. And dust on lotsa highlighter on your cheekbones and shoulders!

                      Actually I dont really think you *need* foundation, maybe just some concealer for your under eye and a little foundation to even out your skin, but otherwise I think you look glowy enough, so dont use any foundation that would mattify your skin too much and take away your natural glow. You could also try a darker
                      peachy blush to define your upper cheeks.. but whatever it is, you look great! Have a great wedding!


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                        Wow... You be a glowing beautiful bride.

                        I agreed with the girls. Maybe a bit heavier makeup eg eyeliner/eyeshadow in case the color don't show that well under bright light.


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                          Alright. This is the *** times ppl have commented abt your skin but I'm here to say that it looks perfect!! I like your makeup. It's very natural but I don't think it'll be enough on your wedding day since you're gonna appear in photos. A heavier makeup would be better

                          Happy wedding dearie!


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                            thank you for all ur compliments and tips!!!
                            went shopping for shadows again, but too tired now to try them coz I've just showered and washed up. will try again maybe tmw.

                            Pixash, I used my normal clarins waterproof eyeliner pencil. I'm not good with liquid liners, I'll try darkening that one. and yup, I'm gonna load up on that mascara too.

                            estrelljas , thanks for the compliment on the skin part. that's u in ur avatar rite? ur skin looks flawless too!!! I am quite a skin freak to be honest, but in the past year, I've tried to minimise my spending on skin products. I've toyed with most products, and ok, it comes down to derma rx and dermalogica stuff. For Derma rx, I use their cleansers , CF and illuminator on a daily basis. Masque I use dermalogica's hydrating masque and sometimes microfoliant scrub. Apart from these, I swear by whitia sunblock , coz dun want those freckles. That's all. I actually signed off on moisturisers, unless I'm in a cold country and my skin is drying out. Then of course, facials, I've cut them down to once in 2/3mths. I used to spend alot more on skin, but really trying to cut down and I find as it it, what I'm using now seems to work for me.

                            thanks everyone for all the tips and those skin compliments... hehe, I'm praying hard it stays perfect till next jan!
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                              you look gorgeous! love your skin!

                              just make sure you don't have the white face/dark neck look. usually the foundation's the culprit.

                              like the others say, a bit more blush would be nice.

                              do curl your lashes a bit?