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    Hi there,just wondering if any of you have heard of the brand "Mark" by Avon?Or tried it out?I checked out the products and they look so,so good...


    and the prices are alright too...

    mod:do merge threads if there's one on mark already.thanks!Didnt see any yet
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    Haven't tried, but would love to! Their hook-ups are so gimmicky -- and I am a total sucker for gimmicks!

    Been seeing Mark stuff in Allure, or Glamour. Lemming...lemming...lemming! I want the lip gloss, the glossblossom and the cream eyeshadow!


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      welcome to the club gal!Me too!Been seeing them everywhere.Going to their website makes it worse!I want everything now!!


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        Does the website accept non-US issued credit cards?


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          oooh.... i love their customisable <font color=66cc99><b>face case</b></font> you can get the individual e/s and blushers and pop them into the transparent plastic compact... and switch colours whenever you feel like it.

          the <font color=ff99cc><b>electro-lights lip vitagleam</b></font> looks promising too...

          dream_a_con is right... the prices are really alluring for such cute products too
          but they don't seem to ship overseas huh?

          - crazygirl


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            Hi crazygirl: No, they don't do international shipping but you can use vPost or get a mark rep in USA to do a CP for you.


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              OMG!Mark has new stuff again..this is pure torture that Singapore doesnt have it!Plus Donald Trumph reminds me about Mark everytimeeee I watch The Apprentice;There's a Meet Mark store in his building,you can see it if you watch the ending part when the person fired is walking out,into the taxi haha...drives me wild!

              I got some Mark stuff via a CP with a MUA gal in USA and I have to say it's really fabbbbb


              This is really handy

              "All Lit Up
              Face Brightening Wand

              The ultimate trick stick. Multi-tasking illuminator instantly lightens and diffuses dark circles, redness and imperfections in a handy brush-tipped click pen. Plus it highlights cheeks, brow bones and any place you want to enhance. Can be worn alone to brighten skin or over foundation to create a flawless finish with a radiant and healthy glow."

              New product!]

              "Juice Gems
              Squeeze On Lip Gloss with Real Fruit Extracts

              Clear, high-shine, tinted gloss leaves lips with sheer, glazed color. Apply with the unique flocked tip for even application and glide. Each shade contains real fruit extract and its own juicy, tantalizing fragrance."

              They're offering this special buy 1 and try 1 for 50% promotion now! Oh gosh...

              "Warmth and serenity were the inspiration behind our newest Self Sanctuary scent. The warm sweet aroma of fig coupled with the serene scent of basil make this aromabotanical fusion perfect for crisp Fall evenings.

              An Irresistible Offer!
              To celebrate our new scent, we're offering a buy 1 try 1 for 50%* off offer across our entire Self Sanctuary line. Choose from 18 products in three delicious scents: Kiwi Lotus, Grapefruit Ginger and new Fig Basil."

              Anybody kind enough to start a spree?I would...but I dun have a credit card yet...

              P.S Snow Angel,I think you can try it out if they do accept non-us credit cards,if not we could probably order through one of Mark Representatives.Most of them accept PayPal


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                saw some stuff of Mark up for sale/swap at Cozyxchange...yum yum


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                  Anyone tried their Crystal Shimmer Hook Up Powder

                  and blusher?

                  By the way, I was told that Mark will have promotion every month or so. Is this true? Thanks


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                    wow...that looks pretty! So far,I havent tried any of their products yet except a glow baby glow lip gloss that I got from dream_a_com...I like the handy size it comes in,and the packaging is definitely unique! Would love to try many many many of their other products!

                    And yupp...apparently they seem to have a promotion of the mth thingy...special offer of a particular new product every mth it seems


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                      Just want to rave about their On The Edge Hook Up Liquid Eyeliner! I got it in Lilith, love it!

                      It's a bronzy brown eyeliner, with a slight metallic finish. It's not waterproof but it's definitely smudgeproof. It stays on for hours without smudging! As long as you don't rub your eyes with wet hands, this should last the whole day! This color is great for day without looking drama. Love it!


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                        Oh Chris! I'm in a liquid liner kick now and you made On The Egde sound too irrestible! Lilith looks like the best choice online! Now how do I get my hands on one..


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                          I bought mine from ebay, but the whole transaction wasn't a pleasant one. PM me if you want to know that ebay seller's username so you can avoid her. I read in MUA board that some of the mua-ers are MARK Rep


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                            can someone confirm Mark is available over counters or shops in US?



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                              Hi Vernis,

                              Nope, I don't think mark is available over the counter. You would have to order it through a mark rep. HThs!