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  • red earth mousse series - new!

    hey gals,

    we got discussing about the <b><font color=ff3300>red earth new mousse series</b></font> in another thread, so i thought i'd start a new thread here... more appropriate

    red earth website (check under WHAT'S HOT)

    i just checked out the <font color=ff3300><b>red earth mousse series</font></b> today at esprit shop. the mousse comes in a very tiny pot (just big enough for you to stick one finger in). nonetheless, there is quite a decent selection of colours.. i saw about 8 colours.. iirc... shimmery shades of blues, greens, pinks, yellow, orange and purple.

    i tried the testers and the texture is quite good, not sticky at all and instantly dries to a shimmery powdery texture when applied on skin. some of the colours look quite intense when layered too. my only concern is whether the pot will dry up after some time. anyway, each mini-pot is S$20, so i decided to give it a try and bought 1 in purple colour. since i got the esprit card, i got a 20% discount... so that's only S$16!! bonus savings...

    i haven't tried the mousse on my eyes yet... will feedback after i try. in the meantime, those who are interested to get the mousse pot and stays near great world city/ tiong bahru plaza area, i don't mind getting them for you to help save the S$4 each pot, esp. if you're thinking of getting more than 1 pot (but please don't ask me to mail them to you, postage might cost even more)... just let me know before end of this week - 2nd July

    i think some of the colours will run out very soon... don't know whether the shops are keeping more stocks, but when i went today, there were only about 3-5 pots each colour for sale.

    so just some updates here...
    good luck!

    - crazygirl

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    new: red earth fruit shakes (for lips)

    i think red earth is improving somehow.... in terms of packaging and overall product innovation

    check out their new <b><font color=33cc66>fruit shake</font></b> under "what's hot" on their website.

    red earth website (what's hot)

    my guess, it's gonna be something like <font color=cc33ff>babypink lipgloss</font> or <font color=3399ff>loreal glam shine sorbet</font>.

    anyhow, i think the carton packaging is soooo cute

    - crazygirl


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      The fruit shade looks so cute! Very clever packaging!


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        How cute!!!

        I also think that red earth is getting better now
        I simply love their deluxe brush set!


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          how is the texture of their blushes/eyeshadows? anyone tried before ?


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            islande: i have a couple of their eyeshadows, never tried the blushes thou. the texture is actually not bad for a mid-end line, it's quite pigmented as well. i'll drop by Red Earth whenever i can't find a colour i'm looking for at MAC. go check them out!


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              i like the mousse blushes am eyeing peach (which doesn't look peach at all ) & strawberry (i think that's the name - its the darker shade). they look ultra shimmery in the store but not so shimmery under day light. if the stila rouge pots disappoint i'll turn to these


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                i bought the green color is pistachio..really cute packaging...!

                but the results, yucks! i used it on my cannot blend well...and creases at the lines...looked so horrible! wasted my impulse buy of $20..

                not too sure was it just me who cannot take it or the texture is really no good...think i must stick to eye shadow..

                any other users have the same problem?


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                  Originally posted by islande
                  how is the texture of their blushes/eyeshadows? anyone tried before ?

                  I just got an eyes of quest compact which is all greeny eyeshadows with a highlighter and a creamy eyeliner. I must say their eyeshadows are not bad! Pigmented and pretty easy to blend too! It lasted pretty long on my lids if you use a base (ie. MAC paint base)

                  I think I would like to check out the eyeshadow ranges to see if there is any nice knock offs


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                    I bought the raspberry blush and apparently it's not very easy to put on...but the color is nice...


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                      I have not used this new Red Earth series before but based on my experience with mouse blusher from other brands, never smear the blusher on your cheeks. Try picking up the blusher with one finger and tap this blusher on your cheeks at where you want it to show up most (eg. apples of the cheek). Then use another finger to blend in a light stroking motion extending towards the hairline. This method allows me to achieve the most even application


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                        Vonnie, great tip. Thanks!

                        True that I never had much luck with mousse blushes. They are so blotchy. But now your tip sounds very workable, and make me want to try mousse blushes all over again.


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                          No worries, Karen. Hope it works for you too

                          I think the key is not to pick up too much blush material at once and keep tapping! I had my fair share of clownish blotches too


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                            the mousse series you gotta apply layer by layer to build up e colour n intensity...

                            used to try them but e colours dont seem to appear easily on me~


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                              thanks Michelle and aveline!

                              so cheap at $14... went down to check out the color range today. saw some real purdy ones! but i think i'll stick to eye kohls instead