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  • kiss me blinc mascara

    anyone know where i can find this mascara in spore? what is the price? or maybe recommend a similar version??


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    I used to have that, swapped again already I think the non panda mascara has almost the same effect. Leeleen is selling it IIRC


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      I think Lancome has one with similiar effect?? Just rinse with water??


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        Helena Rubinstein's lash guard is like this.


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          Funny ...this is kinda like 2 years too late but Blinc's Kiss Me Mascara is now in Singapore. It is available in black and dark brown at Fling (#04-07 the Heeren) and at the Beauty Box Studio (#03-07 Pacific Plaza). Here in Singapore the name is packaged as Blinc Mascara (it is known only in the US and the UK as Kiss Me because Kiss Me is a Japanese brand - don't ask !), but the formula remains the same. It retails at S$56.40 (includes GST). Hope this helps


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            Blinc Kiss Me Mascara now in Sing

            I'm new to the list but been a hardcore Kiss Me user for ages. Found it in the UK ages ago and have been hooked since. A bit pricey but I've tried many others who claim to do the same thing, some definitely cheaper but they just don't compare. At least not for me. Just thought I'd share that its now in Sing under the name Blinc. I bought it at Fling but I hear it's also at Beauty Box Studio.

            Apologies for the crosspostings...but i finally thought it'd be easier to start a new thread once and for all


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                S$56.40 for a mascara is kind of expensive IMO....


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                  True that. On the flip side I don't use eye makeup remover and i dont have to touch up all day. so for peace of mind i just think its worth it. but everyone has their soft spot rite? this happens to be mine...i'm all lashes

                  Anyway one of my girlfreinds uses blinc also and she says its perfect for her because she perms her lashes and her "technician" said she cannot weear hello what the point of perming rite? she says its because using eye makeup remover straightens out the perm too quickly. is this true? anyone else perm their lashes?
                  I've been thinking of extensions myself