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  • she_said_so *Updated Feb 1*

    All MAC products are used

    I haven't posted for ages so I'll post up the FOTDs I didn't get a chance to for last January

    Click for my fotd album and rest of pics
    password is: shesaidso

    Jan 25

    Jan 24

    Jan 20 First try at a smokey eye

    Jan 18

    Jan 17

    Jan 16

    Older pic Teal and Violet pigments
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    another pretty cotter on board

    love your eyeshadows


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      Thank you!

      my brows do tend to get wild and crazy sometimes coz they're so thick lol


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        I dont think I look nice in bright fuchsia. Will make me look as I just kena punched by someone. I like the blue with golden olive, looks nice on you!. Shall try it out too.


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          You got prettty eyes. Were you wearing green contact lens in some of your photo shoots?


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            Your pics somehow remind me of Utada Hikaru :note: Did anyone else said so too? Lovely makeup there


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              I love looking at how you do your eyes! Very lovely colour combis and you've inspired me to take out my existing colours and try them out! Looking forward to more!


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                Originally posted by jemay
                Your pics somehow remind me of Utada Hikaru :note: Did anyone else said so too? Lovely makeup there

                Yeah, I agree! I think you can try using some lipgloss for glossy lips. That would have complete the Utada Hikaru look.


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                  Thanks for sharing the multi colour combi EOTDs !
                  Love your neat brows too!


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                    Wow. I love your face, especially those eyes. Thanks for sharing your pics with us. Very lovely makeup & you look like you could wear any color, lucky you!

                    Are you of mixed parentage? Very pretty.


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                      Very nice! I've been using eye make up for the last 1 year but still can't apply them as beautiful as you! Could you beauty breakdown us what products did you use? Thanx!


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                        Wow! I like your full eyebrow! You're good at blending!


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                          Thanks so much for the lovely comments! You're all so lovely

                          Verda: Yes I'm wearing them in all the shots - I really can't see without them! Blind as a bat

                          Jemay and Pelecia: I looked up Utada Hikaru wow thanks for the compliment lol! I don't really think I do though

                          Stellat: wow! Your looks definitely inspired me to start using e/s! I'm full filipina

                          Bambi_boo: In the album, the shots are named with the e/s that I used. They're all mac pigments because that's all I have right now. If you want to know a breakdown of a particular shot - let me know!


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                            Updated with new fotd!


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                              wow ! i love those eyes of yours! you've got great lips and eyes. looking good in the latest FOTD.