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    I'm feeling dejected I have really broad shoulders!! Weigh 39 and height at 155cm. It's okie when i'm wearing clothes but whenever i i go suntanning with friends of my size, i look 'huge' beside them (even than those who are slightly 'bigger' than me. I've alredi lost 2kg and if i go down any further, i'm goin to be underweight. Any exercise to reduce broad shoulders babes? Moreover my stretch marks from my previous 3kg loss is making me feel even worse. ... sob sob...

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    Thanks vixette!

    Just posted my intro. Hmm... my shoulder is like 34cm... which is broader than some of my other friends who are like 165cm... pretty bad actually... it made my arms look big too....

    Office work (sit and eat all day) has resulted in a big bulge in my tummy.... haha... boy do i look like a mango (small at my head and gets bigger at da bottom) HELP!!!


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      maybe all you need is just to tone up your arms so they don't look flabby.

      i've got huge shoulders too but i couldn't care less how i look next to others as long as i think i look ok.


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        i have very broad shoulders too but i love them..

        Its all about finding the right type of clothing to complement your shape & hide your flaws.


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          I'm your height and even at my thinnest dieting craze, I only reached 43kg. The broad shoulders proportion is even more pronounced the lower the weight... I had people asking me if I swim alot (I can't swim)! Losing weight reduces the flesh on your upper back and arms, but won't do anything to your shoulders if your broad shoulders are caused by bone structure (this you check by seeing if you're bony there). I don't understand how it can make your arms look big, try visualising your present arms on narrow shoulders- it'd look worse!

          It might be a perception problem- I had an ex with sloping shoulders and he always picked on my shoulders saying they were too straight and too broad for a girl. Seriously, he was the only person who criticised my shoulders (due to his own inferiority complex about his own shoulders!), I received compliments like "nice, clotheshanger shoulders" otherwise. Might be some people who picked on you and created this mentality in you.


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            Re: Re: Stretch Marks & Shoulders

            Good to read that u start off with a positive note.

            I have to say I love Vix's shoulders! I always thought that broad shoulders look good. Look at Nadya's!

            I think it's a matter of accepting your own body. If I have to be critical of myself, I have so many things to say about myself (my left shoulder is lower than my right for example since we are on the topic of shoulders) However, I still love wearing tubes. Your stretch mark was due to a 3 kg lost. Mine was a 10kg lost back then. So my stretch marks are bad too but they don't bother me. Nobody's perfect.

            Wear something that draws attention away from your shoulders if that's what makes u feel uncomfortable. Show off your best assets

            Chin up, girl!


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              Have you tried Decleor's Prolagene Gel? I'm using it currently for my skin under moisturizer, and it's great.. heals and stuff. I also used it on my shoulder where I have a little stretch marks from working out, and it's slowly fading away.


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                Stretch Mark Removal Cream - I got this cream when I was 2 months pregnant because i was so worried about stretch mark scars. it has worked a treat so far! (touch wood).


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                  How about Bio Oil? Will that help? I heard quite a number of reviews from it.


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                    I bought bio oil after I heard so many reviews on this product. It absorbs pretty fast and doesn't leave any oily feel on the skin, not at all which is what I really love about that.