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    Their recent advertisements in newspapers are sparking my interest. $30 for facial treatments and $38 for massages. anyone tried their treatments? raves or rants?

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    hi.. i haven't tried any of their services but just wanna let u know that what u see may not be what u get. If the ads are the same as the ones i saw and responded to, then the $30 facial thing, is only if u sign up for at least 3 facials, meaning one session will cost 90 bucks.

    I responded to the ad when i saw it last time, only to have the pp at FIL tell me it's like that 90 bucks! and they're very very pushy, it's almost as though they didn't allow me to leave!

    Just my little input...
    good to check it out and ask carefully if u're really keen!


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      Yeah, that's what I heard too. Many places like MTM, Fil, Hacch offer really low prices only to have people going there and the SAs tell you, you need to add this add that. Your skin is really bad, blah blah blah..


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        anyone tried theit slimming session, scrub etc then?


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          yes right ,used advertisment for you to come in for inquiry ,they shave the knife waiting for you and they will say your skin is too dry and too oily cannot do this type facial ,i give you hydrating facial it better for your skin bla bla...

          Last time I'm as beautician i done like that before, we will not give customer do normal facial,finish the facial ask them to sign up packages if they don't want to ,ask for buy product,i really don't like to do that but have to because of target


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            FIL is very pushy.. they'd come up with some "package" and offer u a special price and you've got to sign right now in order to enjoy it. they lock me up in a consultation room. making me feel so uncomfortable like in a cell. i want to complain!!!

            as for their facial, they like to squeeze and press. no skill and make my face red like a tomato when i walk out of it.

            only think i like is the locker to put my bag.


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              yes i have been going there for the past one year and they have been doing nothing except pushing their facials to me every session so i try not to go that often and i seriously cannot wait to finish all my sessions with them cause they will jus go on and on about my skin not being good but hello i have been going there for so long and if it is not improving then the problem should be you right ... and when they push their products they like to say that they are offering the special price for you already and if you say no they will throw in extra things to entice you when in actual fact they are already over charging for their services... haha i just want to rant... anyway my skin did in fact improve and they are not too bad its just that their sales tactics are really horrible... so do not let the $30 per facial trick you just want you to go down so that they are psycho you with all sorts of other things...


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                My fren had several sessions of facial treatment there & her skin improved visibly! tempting me to sign up...


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                  Originally posted by starsmayfall
                  My fren had several sessions of facial treatment there & her skin improved visibly! tempting me to sign up...
                  hi, ur friend was at FIL?..which branch did she go to? any good beautician to recommend? i heading there for my facial next month for the first time...


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                    my friend regreted signing up for their package! they are pretty alright but their staffs simply cannot make it! very rude and the session is always full! CS is very very lousy especially @ their shaws outlet.


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                      i read this thread too late....

                      I went to the FIL @shaw last week with my best friend after looking at the advertisement about having a facial at $30. But we refused to believe it was such an incredible offer so we called up FIL to check with them.

                      The first call we made was to FIL @Shaw. My girlfriend called and the person who picked up the phone told her that she was busy at the moment and is not able to talk! my best friend and I were like HUH???? busy??

                      Anyway we decided to call another branch, the [email protected] Outram to enquire about the offer. The lady there was nice enough to explain to us that the offer meant that we had to get three sessions from them in order to enjoy the $30 facial. The both of us felt it was reasonable and we asked the lady if we could share the 3 sessions between the both of us. Initially the lady said it was not possible but after some persuading, she relented. We also mentioned that we wanted to go to the branch at Shaw and she told us she would inform the pple at that branch about the exception for our package...

                      That phone call left us very happy and we went down to FIL @Shaw immed..

                      When we got there the lady who attended to us, Denise, was very friendly. Calling us "dear" saying that we were very pretty, blah blah blah... We were brought into the room to seek her consultation.. she started to talk about her plans available at FIL. But as my best friend and i were only keen on trying out the facial, we didnt put much thought into what plans she was trying to get us to sign up for. So when she told us that the plans costs $1600+ in total, she asked us how we would like to pay.

                      The both of us were quite taken aback. However as the both of us were only keen on a trial, we told her truthfully. This was when her attitude towards us changed drastically. She said that it was not possible for us to share the plan and that there was no such thing as $90 for three session! We dan told her about the lady who explained the plan to us and she said that the lady did not explain the plan clearly to us. Saying that what she meant was that we had to sign up for 3 different PACKAGE of sessions in order to get them at $30 each.. BUT THAT WAS DEFINITELY NOT WHAT THE LADY FROM THE OUTRAM OUTLET MENTIONED! And at this time, Denise started to talk about how bad our skin is and how their treatments will definitely help improve our conditions. Sayin that if we dont sign up, we are actually not keen on taking care of our skins...

                      We both decided we didn't want to talk/ argue with her anymore and told her we were not interested already.

                      I vow never to take up any packages frm them in future!


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                        hi Lil_Piggie, i personally think that the lady at outram did make a mistake or maybe she didnt explain to you properly.
                        for me.. i went twice to international building (shaw), both time i encounter different lady and both lady did explain to me that ONLY if i take 3 DIFFERENT packages then the $30 is valid for each package which will work out to be $90 per facial session. i dont remember what package i took up though.

                        i personally think that denise is quite a nice lady compared to others... try talking to her about what budget you are looking at and she will work out something for you.


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                          Sigh..........I am one of the most stupid person to be con in 2001, I had sign for the facial package in 2001 for 20 sessions, it cost me nearly $1,600. On top of that I had blindly signed for 20 bottles of serum at $760 whioch makes my whole package $2,000+. The serums last 10 sessions only and the lady there insisted I sign for another 10 and this time round I refuse to be con again. The remaining 10 session is a painful experience as they just anyhow do the facial. Anyway I don't see anything fanastic about their package and I have 7 more sessions to go now. After 4 years I still have 7 sessions. I don't like to go there coz the gals there kept asking me to sign and sign. I think they thought my father is a $$ printer.


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                            I went to FIL for the first time yesterday to use my $50 voucher. I expect them to be very hard-selling but they did not. After doing the massage, she just explain to me the packages available and no obligations. BTW I went to the one at Spore Shopping Centre.


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                              Am a new customer with FIL. I done one facial with them, and caused me break out. So i changed to back treatment, hoping to have clear nice back. After 2 to 3 treatments, still no visible improvement... some more i am taking organic treatment ($100 per session). I decided i am not gng to continue after the 10 sessions. I dislike the penalty for cancelling the confirmed session the last min. And this is the 1st time i am hearing ... its making me not wanting to make pior appt ... i always make last min appt. oni when i am certain i am gng in 1 or 2 hrs time. indeed .. they are pushy.