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    I'm curious as to how you feel about classic perfumes. By that I mean scents that are at least a few decades old, particularly from the first half of the 20th century.

    Personally I find them rather challenging, and only have two in my collection: Guerlain Jicky (1889) and Chanel Cuir de Russie (1924), both parfum. Even so, I can't say they're my very favourite. I also like some of the old Carons, though not enough to really lemming them. Would love to hear your views!

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    I'm not too sure if my preference in perfume has changed or what but I realised that I used to go,"Pooooooofffff" and almost gagged when I tried Shalimar when I was 20.

    Always thought I can never carry off Robert Piguet's Fracas (maybe this one is not so 'old' and relaunched) two years back and swapped it away.

    There were so many that I choked on in the past (maybe a year back still), Habanita, Cuir de Russie, Jicky, Arpege, Joy or even Chanel No5.

    Now I don't. I'm finding myself appreciating them more. I find them with lotsa 'character' and 'atitude'. I suppose age has no relationship with the appreciation since I'm still very young. State of mind maybe?

    It's weird that I started off with the usual L'Artisan, Serge Lutens etc etc. But as time passes, I find myself re-swapping for classic fragrance samples that I gave away in the past.

    Hope it doesn't sound too cliche but without the past, there's no basis and comparison for the present. Perfume itself is a beautiful journey.

    I'm certainly very intrigued by them. They have the most classic bottles around and always like a gem.


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      Channel no.5 is classic ,50an Marilyn Monroe favourite perfume.


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        i luv classics of almost anything. perfume, movies, songs, etc. i luv em!


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          I know it is passes but Chanel No. 5 was one of my very first and I would think one of the most well known classic??