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  • Sephora

    I was thinking of getting this from Sephora

    Sugar Cosmetic write up:
    "I Scream 4 Sugar Mini Lip Gloss Set

    A delightful dessert for the lips, this cute clear box contains twelve dazzling lip shades that smell and taste like favorite ice cream flavors.

    Set includes gloss in icy pink shimmer (peanut butter), translucent peach (peach), sheer red (strawberry), pink with gold shimmer (bubblegum), pale peach shimmer (lemon custard), translucent red with glitter (cherries jubilee), iridescent pink (cheesecake), sheer pink (sherbet), sheer gold shimmer (chocolate), lavender shimmer (strawberry), icy beige shimmer (vanilla), and golden pink shimmer (butter pecan)."

    There are 12 bottles in it for US$28,which is about US$2.30/per bottle...anybody interested in sharing?This is suppose to be their best selling item this season

    I only definitely want the sherbet/cheesecake...I'm okay with any of the rest!So you guys can pick any of the other bottles you want if ya interested
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    I would love to share the translucent peach (peach). when and where are you ordering it from?


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      Wanted to get it thru the spree for Sephora but it's closed already...sigh,what a waste!Sorry babe!

      Would love to order from Sephora directlty,but I dun have a card...They offer free standard shipping in US for orders over $75...


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        FYI they dont take international credit cards
        best to rely on a CP


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          hi guys, sephora will be offering a discount of 20% on all their items starting from 22.11 right up to the beginning of dec. does anyone want to order stuff? i'm only needing a couple of nars items. shipping is tagged at a flat fee of USD 5.95 regardless of the number of items ordered. the stuff will have to be ordered using a US credit card. hence, i'll ask my MUA pal if she's willing to do us this favour, and then send the items to my friend in the US who'll be coming back in the 2nd week of dec.

          because her suitcase might be quite heavy, i'll be limiting this little spree to 3 people. i do not trust vpost to ship cosmetics over for fear of receiving crumbled eyeshadows in the post.


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            hmm...the sugar lip gloss looks yummy. Love sephora brush set. Anyone of you have it? If only we had a huge cosmetic dept like sephora here in singapore, wouldnt that be great? I can imagine myself shopping there for hours!


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              i have the pinkie dot brush set
              it works okie for me and yeah it is sure cute


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                Originally posted by sephirias
                hi guys, sephora will be offering a discount of 20% on all their items starting from 22.11 right up to the beginning of dec. does anyone want to order stuff?
                Me me me!

                I've already drawn up my shopping list!

                Do let me know if your friend can take in my order too!


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                  sephirias, i've PM-ed you too


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                    hi guys,

                    i'm so sorry to let u know tt my friend has 0 funds in her CC! will have to call this thing off.. sorry dudes.


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                      also just to let u know the code has been cancelled according to MUA bleh..


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                        -lol- the folks at sephora probably got wind that mua-ers are hijacking the code!!


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                          apparently last year the canadians complained
                          but it is a staff code?


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                            The code is still valid. It can be used now


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                              if you use the code, can you still take advantage of the free shipping with purchase of US$75?

                              hmm.. what's the "secret code"? where did you girls get it?

                              gosh i'm really lemming the sephora brush set, still considering whether to get a CP for it or not...

                              - crazygirl