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    Saw this spa at Holland Village and I'm pretty tempted! Did a search but can't find any mention of it. Has anyone tried it before?

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    Tried it some years back, and it was ok. A friend went to them more recently and was just telling me last night (we were at Holland V) that they were extremely pushy. When she refused to purchase the package, they became quite rude.


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      Tried it some years back too, it was ok but nothing too memorable.

      Spa Esprit also owns Strip, the waxing joint at Holland V. If the service at Strip is any indication of the service there at Spa Esprit now, i would agree with Saresha's friend that the staff there are rather pushy.


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        pushy?? Luckily i didnt join them. I almost joined them few months back, they actually selected me but i backed out


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          I've been a regular at spa esprit at both HV and Paragon for year. I really like what they have to offer in terms of treatments, but they are a tad pricey. However yeah, the staff can be quite pushy about the package but most of them are really nice to the regulars once u get to know them better.


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            why can't these places learn to be less pushy? they might actually have more customers that way.

            but have always been wanting to try the tarzan rope massage. but definitely not keen to sign any packages at the moment.


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              I've been to Spa Esprit at Paragon a couple of times. They didn't bug me to get a package, but they were quite pushy about their Dermalogica stuff. The therapist actually rounded off the treatment with her little sales pitch, which took a little of the shine off the whole experience for me. The second therapist was pushy too, but less so.

              Still, after a while I'm sure I could become impervious to such pushiness, and Spa Esprit is otherwise a very very nice spa.


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                Thanks girls for answering my plea for help!!!

                My friend and I decided to go there in the end because they had the cheapest facial we could find (S$45 for Fast Face Forward).

                Frankly, the facial was good. My skin really feels better. However, the entire experience was made quite trying by the pushy sales staff you girls have all mentioned about. The pushiness was quite annoying already, but what really cheesed me off was how dishonest they were!!

                During consultation, they made a point to recommend my friend the most expensive facial they had (a hydrating one), on the basis that my friend has 'very very dry skin'. In fact, this has NEVER been a problem for my friend. You might be able to argue that she has *slightly* dry skin, but 'very very dry skin' warranting a S$220 facial devoted to rehydration? Methinks it's a money-grabbing ploy.

                Similarly for me, my beautician recommended Microdermabrasion, quoting S$170. I have always considered this procedure but was a little apprehensive allowing someone I had no experience with perform it on me. Who knows if they can really use the equipment correctly? I told her frankly that I'd like to try their basic facials first to see their 'standard' before diving into such a complicated one. She then attempted to persuade me further by claiming the other facials won't help my skin at all and this one has a free eye treatment thrown in.

                Fortunately, both of us insisted on being cheapos and ended up receiving the silent treatment during our facials, which were extremely extremely basic as my beautician had warned me. In fact, she went so far as to claims that the Fast Face Forward was 'nothing' and for people who had 'no time to wash their face'. I had to bite my tongue to keep from retorting, 'If it's so 'useless', why have it?'

                After the facial, we checked out their brochure again. Then I discovered that the Microdermabrasion treatment she recommended (they call it Crystal Blast I think) cost about S$110+ and S$135 IF YOU CHOOSE TO INCLUDE THE EYE TREATMENT. My beautician never mentioned that the eye treatment was optional, in fact, she had the cheek to claim it was free! Similarly, when my friend requested for the 'S$45 facial', her beautician blithely claimed none existed and they didn't have a facial for that price. Only when my friend insisted on checking their brochure did the beautician 'suddenly' realise her mistake.

                Overall, very very disappointing, simply because this spa has the potential to be excellent. To me, it seems like the management has the right idea but they're obviously not motivating and communicating to their staff correctly. I would consider trying a facial by them again, but this time at Paragon, in the hopes that service would be better there. The facial, basic as it was, was good so it's such a pity about the service!


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                  Wow is that unethical practices or what?! Thanks for the heads up. I will not go there ever. Things like that just pisses me off.


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                    i've never gone to spa esprit for facials, but go to their outlet strip for waxing. they really have a very competitive rate, but also very pushy there, especially if you're a new customer. they even wrote out the invoice for these two products which i've not agreed to buying. i told them to take them off the invoice. continued going back to them, but once they know you're a regular and won't fall for their tricks again, they stop bugging you. actually, i think management encourages them to do stuff like that. the staff gets evaluated on how much they manage to sell and probably also get commission for it. meanwhile, the management gets to make more profit. :roll:


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                      Wait till you hear my story about my brazilian wax over there! Went to Strips at Holland V (owned by Spa Esprit as well) and while I was waiting for them to slide my card, the theraphist asked me to get 2 small bottles of stuff which cost $20 each and 1 bottle of tea tree oil at $40 (IIRC). I said no, I didn't need these things. She carried on trying to persuade me and I still said no. Then she started on her IPL sales. I said no as well. Then when I signed my bill, I was shocked to see they charged the 3 bottles of stuff to my bill!

                      At that time, I was too shocked to react so I just signed the bill meakly. When I got home, and could think rationally, I decided to call them to no avail. They said they don't do refunds. I wrote in to their mgmt. It's been like 1 year and no reply.

                      $120 for a very expensive lesson learned. I stay clear of any outlets owned by Spa Esprit since then.


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                        yeah they are very unethical and sneaky about it. i think i know what those two bottles of stuff are - i was swindled into buying them the first time too. some ampoules which they say is good right? :roll: it's just like baby oil which i'm quite sure it is. that's why i didn't go back for almost half a year after the first time. when i went back again, i resisted them firmly and they stopped after that. terrible.


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                          whoa!! That's plain cheating! Thanks for warning us all girls


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                            Wow! Didn't know the service is that bad.

                            I had a pretty good service experience at the HV outlet. I went there in May this year for a massage but decided to change my treatment to a mud stone massage (on promotion) while there. Before changing the treatment, I asked the receptionist if I could still utilize my $50 voucher and she said fine, so I had the treatment.

                            However when I was paying, I saw that she has charged me the usual rate for the mud stone massage instead of the promotional rate. I asked her about it, that I thought the voucher can be used for the promo rate. And she was nice enough to cancel the original charge and just charged me the promo rate as it was a miscommunication between us. That was a nice touch, I feel.

                            She did try to introduce some packages to me, but she didn't push at all when I told her I'm not interested then.

                            As for the treatment, the therapist took a long time massaging the body with the mud. And there I was, waiting for the hot stones so that the muscles can be relaxed. The worst part was that the therapist has really rough thumb/fingers, so I can't relax at all, keep feeling the coarseness of her fingers/thumb on my neck and back.

                            Anyway, won't be going back there anytime soon.


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                              they have a new outlet at Wheelock place.

                              zjaninez, that's atrocious. even after writing into the management, nothing has been done? that really says alot.

                              i can never handle pushy sales tactics. nowadays, it's no no to the numerous beauty salons that have popped up. i find going to the doc for beauty procedures less expensive and less pushy.