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  • Economical bath and body products

    hey, cheapo me is back with the request for economical list! what's your list of must-have value-for-money list?

    1. St Ives Scrub - i use it for my body
    2. Nivea Milk - lotion for body, gets absorbed fast!

    That's all i can think of for the moment. anything else?
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    -St Ives range of shower gels? They are very moisturising, smells great, foams well and dirt cheap!

    -Olay's moisturiser with SPF; I use this on my body as sunscreen.

    -Sunkiller range of facial sunscreens- great to bring out for touchups cause they're so small in size!


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      shower: Shokubutsu, Lux

      powder: nothing beats Johnson and Johnson

      body lotion: St Ive's Spray on Body Lotion. got this from aust. i love the subtle scent.

      dedorant: Nivea whitening roll on

      shampoo: pantene works well if i don't use it on a regular basis. it's a bit rich for me. i alternate this with my other shampoos.


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        Originally posted by mango
        -St Ives range of shower gels? They are very moisturising, smells great, foams well and dirt cheap!
        o ya... thumbs up for St Ives Clear Pore shower gel. it doesn't smell fantastic has that fresh tea tree oil scent but i feel it really keep zits off my back


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          I love :

          1)Johnsons & Johnson's Baby Bath - original blue, or Lavender& Camomile fragrance.

          They really cleanse gently and make me feel like a baby with the delightful frangrances! Using with a bath lily would made them real foamy! This are my favourite shower gel!

          2) St Ives Original Apricot scrub used as a body scrub!


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            Original Source's bath range are the best for money. The bubbles last forever and the smell heavenly!


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              J & J 's pH 5.5 milk and honey bath.

              So mild, it stopped eczema occurrence on my skin...!


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                Oh forgot to add that Original Source Tea-Tree & Mint Moisturising Body Wash is great too!

                Very refreshing for a hot and tired body and the minty feeling wakes me up instantly in the morning!


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                  St.Ives body wash, sunkiller sunscreen, lavenus shampoo and leave-in condition.


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                    my 'cheap & good' votes go to:

                    - jergens body moisturisers
                    - j&j's bedtime bath
                    - dove's body wash
                    - st ives apricot scrub (which works great as a body scrub!)


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                      So many cotters like J&J here... Me too
                      My favourite is the new J&J baby softwash in pink colour... it has light fresh floral fragrance & 1/3 baby lotion... skin feel so soft & very pampered after using it...


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                        stives apricot scrub
                        palmolive milk and pearl powder shower the smell.
                        nivea whitening body lotion.


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                          shower: J&J original formula & Eversoft (new) hibisbus shower foam.
                          body lotion: Jergens body moisturizer + J&J baby lotion;


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                            Good low end body lotions?!

                            Hi ladies,

                            can we have a poll on good low-end body lotions like l'oreal, nivea etc?!

                            1) L'oreal nutri-lift for dry skin & triple whitening spf18. IMO, both are though i prefer the triple whitening one....

                            2) Dove silk in a tub. Bought not long ago, v cheap less than $10 but good....texture feels like putting whipped cream on body.... absorbed v fast....


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                              I quite like Nivea whitening lotion and their firming lotion which works for me!