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    Anyone been to Kimage School at Funan for hair services? Their charges are really low....Im thinking of going to their School for my hair treatment...its so cheap! only 12.60$. Theres another treatment the De-ionizing treatment(which i do not know what is that can anyone enlighten me?) only cost $31.50-$42.00 and their rebonding is dirt cheap too!

    Do they use the same products as they used in their salons?

    I saw my friend going for a treatment at their salon and the result is fantastic!! everyone thought she had just rebonded her hair! so straight and smooth....frizzless....but she paid 80$ for it (after discount)

    I supposed if the product they use is the same, i would like to do it at the school which cost so much cheaper!! and i dont mind a student doing treatment for me! no difference anyway! right?

    check out their pricelist HERE

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    agree that their prices are really low. it's only at funan i think.
    i haven't tried the treatment yet, but i think it should be okay.
    i've tried the deionising treatment before and i didn't really like it because they gave me a very inexperienced trainee who was very slow in catching stuff like how to wash hair and so the instructor had to demonstrate on my hair like 4 times on how the hair should be properly washed.
    maybe you could go for graduates, because they are more experienced.
    from what i've heard so far, the products used are the same.
    what kind of treatment did your friend do? i don't think there's any treatment unless you're talking about rebonding that can make hair straight.
    deionising didn't do that for me. it's just a treatment for rebonded hair.
    i've highlighted my hair there before and the result is okay. not bad. only $18 i think. and everyone noticed that i had highlights.


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      Hi, I went to the Kimage hairdressing school for highlight a few months back. I have past shoulder length hair and going to those salons in town will cost me >$250 i'm sure. This is good if you are on a budget like me. But only coloring service for me, as I find it risky to have my hair cut by a student. I had my haircut at a Far East salon first, then few weeks ago go for highlight service at the school. I think the school uses Wella brand for their dye.

      I had highlight for 2 colors, cost around $45. My friends complimented it's very nice and thought i had it done at salon. As this is a school, expect no pampering service such as tea serving, even magazines are a bare minimal. It can be quite intimating as I cant help but feel like guinea pig, as the student have to check with the instructor etc. But I'm quite pleased with the results in the end. Will still consider going back again. Btw, best to call to fix an appointment so you don't have to wait to be served. =)


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        i think i only went there 1-2x for haircut. thats when i have a backup strategy which is to tie my hair if the haircut is bad. i think the haircut is really not that good. maybe because all along i have haircut thats > $40. my mum was nagging at how particular i am with my hair so i just follow her to them.

        I asked if they do wellaSP treatments (by students) but they dont. wellaSP is only used by the stylists.

        As for highlighting, i'm also worried so i didnt go n try. Just had a 1st highlight and it really costs a bomb. and i was telling myself i will not go for anymore highlight when the color faints off. i cant bear to spend $200+ on 2tone highlights. too exp!

        I would suggest u to call up Kimarie to check on the products used issue over the phone. If Rebonding, De-Ionize Treatment etc. are using same pdts as those used in Kimage, i feel that its worth to take the risk (students' pricing). That's because even if u do such treatment in salon, they normally use the ka-kia (juniors) to do and u still pay a high price for it.


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          I have been there twice for hair highlights...cost around $40 plus. Always get great compliments after colouring. Because they are students, the teachers are always around to monitor and to give help when needed.
          I will def go back again for colour but its rather inconvenient as they are only open in the day and on weekdays. Because they are students, I find that they are quite slow. My colour can take like 3 -4 hours.
          I wouldnt risk having my hair cut there tho' Strictly colour and treatment


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            Anyone went to kimage school for highlight +colouring?
            How is it? can we chose who to do our hair?


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              BaByLuV: My experience with Kimage sch can be found in earlier post. Nope, don't think you can choose your stylist, they will assign one for u. =)


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                Hi.. the one thast you went to is student or guaduate dept?
                Anyone else tried the grad dept for colouring?


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                  It's a school where ppl enrol themselves into hairdressing classes, so I will assume all are students there, with a instructor guiding them. I'm not aware they have anything like student or graduate dept. Maybe they have PHD dept. LoL!!


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                    i only know they have student and the graduate department together.. and the professional dept is seperate..


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                      i went dow kimage to do a technical color meaning a base color and streaks on my hair. It was quite a bad job done .... I already told the trainee that I don't want the highlights to be that obvious but the effect that came out is that my hair looked like a basket ball. Instead of brown streaks, it came out as orange/yellow. No doubt the charges are cheap but somehow I had a few heart attacks during the color job cos' the trainee kept asking for help from the teacher and wasn't too confident about the job. But please don't take my testimony as a sweeping statement cos' from the post I have read, it seems that there are good ones.

                      I am now considering redyeing my hair cos' perhaps I am not really used to it. Can anyone advise how many days should i wait before doing another color job? I suppose I will have to do treatment cos' my hair now is quite dry. Not as soft as before despite the treatment which I had at Kimage.

                      They bleached the streaks and then dyed my hair. I really appreciate if anyone can recommend a remedy/hairstylist for this. QUite depressed over it. Last night, woke up in the middle of the night to mope over my hair... Didn't sleep well also...

                      Please help!!!


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                        Gosh, I was still thinking of doing technical colouring by the students .. :bore:


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                          something similar happened to me. told the stylist that i didn't want an obvious colour and i ended up with a head of blonde hair :roll:

                          he did offer to tone down the colour for free though but the effect didn't last & it faded pretty fast (ended up with some blonde streaks here and there :roll: ). you might want to check with kimage if they could tone down the colour or dye a darker colour for free since you told the trainee that you didn't want an obvious colour.

                          my hairdresser told me to go back within a week if i wasn't satisfied with the colour, so i'm guessing that you can actually re-dye it anytime you want but be prepared to do lots of treatments.


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                            thanks duckiee for the reply. Ya, I just made an appointment with Kimage to darken the streaks. Really quite upset with it ... the streaks looked like hair extension being clipped onto my hair... sob!!

                            Heard from my friend that Wella is a much stronger hair dye. I really hope the second dye would not stripped my hair of anymore nutrients....

                            What i am worried is that i will end up having too many colors on my head. Hiaz.... kinda regret doing this color job.

                            My hair was done by a trainee and I am afraid that he will not do a good job in retouching my hair. Hope it will turn out well.


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                              well, you shouldnt've bleached your hair if you dont want an obvious colour.
                              I did technicolour twice there but I've never bleached my hair.

                              But I've to admit that I had panic attacks as you can never be sure how its gonna turn out