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    Well... I have yet to see thread on home- made beauty recipes. I will start one... kekeke

    I have two recipes which work!

    1) Eggy Whitey mask- For oily skin/ large pores

    You simply need an egg, egg- white only. Spread egg- white evenly on the skin and avoid eyes and lip areas. Rinse off with lukewarm water once you feel the tightness. It is not recommended to leave on for too long. This is completed by applying moisturiser. Toner is not required.

    Results: Tightened pores, skin less oily and perfectly cleansed!

    (I tried this during my teen days when I had pimples popping out)

    This is recommended to be done only once a week. Infact, this can be used on the T- zone for people with combination skin.

    2) The milk miracle- Not recommended for people with oily skin!

    I use this occasionally when I feel that my skin is dry and dull...

    This is used before I go to bed. I usually use low- fat milk- HL. I will first rinse my face with water. Then, i will pour some milk on my palms. I will spread the milk on my face in circular motions. Finally, rinse it off with lots of water! Head towards BED!

    Results: Skin is smoother and softer. It is observed by my friend who uses it regularly that her skin tone is more even.

    This is recommended to be done a few times per week depending on the nature of the skin. People with dry skin can use this more often.

    Remember. Milk is a rich source of nutrients. At the same time, it is a breeding ground for bacteria when left at room temperature. That is why all traces of milk should be removed from your skin after use. If not, it could lead to pimples if your skin is prone to acne.

    That is all folks! I do hope you girls will try and tell me the effect!It does work for me!
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    great thread dear, thanks for sharing!


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      are u sure u use it?
      me and a fellow cotter don't seem to recall any 'miracle' happening to you yet.
      gynn : " are you sure that's you, in the avatar?"

      moderator: we know her personally


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        Alya and Gynn...

        you **** should know the answer... kekeke... at least, i dont look like my age! wahahahaha!


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          Thanks Ataraxia!