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  • Dr Hauschka Facials

    Hey girls, hunting for reviews of Dr Hauschka facials!

    I checked out their counter at Tangs and the deals seem quite attractive. Unfortunately, the facial still cost a bomb so reviews would be much-appreciated!

    My pores are badly clogged with deep pimples that often can't be squished. They turn a painful bright red, but the 'head' doesn't appear. So I really need a facial that exfoliates, deepcleanses, and pimples! Is Dr Hauschka effective in that sense?

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    how are the prices like? any details?

    i'm quite interested to try these types of facials using 'natural, herbal, aroma-based stuff'. i was told that their products are quite similar to jurlique's.


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      I think it's about S$90-270 for a facial? It's all the same basic facial, but price changes according to duration (and I assumed they'd just add or decrease steps).

      During the GSS, they were offering interest-free payments and buy 5 get 1 free, IIRC.

      I was asking about two weeks ago, so please don't me if my quotes are wrong!


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        I have just signed the packages a few week ago at 295 for 5 session including five time of free eye treatment....
        Have tried the eye treatment..quite like it not yet teh facial...hopefully it ok!!! hehehh


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          is the Dr Hauschka facial, the extracting part clean and thorough?
          how long is each facial session?


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            OMY!! $295 for 5 facial is a very good price. What kinda facial did u sign up for?

            The last facial I did was with Dr Hauschka. And I think it's . Their extractions are fantastic - doesn't leave scars. Did not continue becos it was costly!!


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              does the Dr Hauschka Facial are being done at tangs beauty counter or at salon?


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                I am doing a "natural" facial , i think just simply extraction and cleansing. But they include a eye theraphy for free!. I think it quite cheap for the facial now. They are having lots of anniversary promotion. Maybe you can check it out. Btw, i did my facial at the head quarter at the office tower rather at Tangs as it is more compact.


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                  hi boxster what's the name of the salon and contact no.? how long is per session? thanks!


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                    Hi Ziann,
                    The salon is called Aldha and it at Ngee Ann Office tower~
                    The contact is 67373970
                    Hope that help.. normal the facial is 1 hr...depend on the kind of have 1hr 30 min too


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                      Aldha Spa Dr Hauschka facials

                      Did a complimentary facial at Aldha Spa once. Must say it's quite good. Did not have much expectations, just knowledge that they use dr. hauschka products. What surprises me was the relaxing foot bath before the facial. Basically there is no extraction, and none of the exfoliating facial scrub technique that other beauty salons use. what the beautician did was more of a pressing technique during the exfoliation stage. During the 1 hr session, lip balm was applied on the lips every now and then to prevent dryness. How pampering is that?! Not to forget, 2 masks was used, 1 cleansing the other hydrating. Overall, it was a indulging experience

                      Considering signing up for a package now. Any reviews out there on the products used?


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                        You got me interested! No extraction involved, sounds like clarins facial too. How did you get the complimentary facial? One of the post stated $295 for 5 times, do you know that is a treatment or basic facial? Really suprised that the facial pricing is so friendly on the pocket as their products are not cheap.


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                          Was through Citibank CC application last xmas? They may not have that freebie now. Yea, I suspect the $295 for 5 sessions could be a basic facial. For 2 masks, it would have to be more than that, maybe $65-70/treatment? Cant really remember. And of coz, another attractive factor would have to be their products.

                          Would probably call them up one of these days and check if there's any GSS promo this time round.


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                            Dont be mistaken, this is not an advertisement. Just information for those who may be interested in the Hauschka facial.

                            Currently Tangs Dr Hauschka is offering this package
                            $1200 for 10 Harmonising Facials (1 1/2 hr)
                            10 eye treatments
                            $300 product vouchers (redeemable at Tangs)
                            3 body massages - 1hr

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                              I am a regular of Dr Haushka prdts and I purchase from them at their spa or at Tangs.

                              Find that their prdts may be good, but their service sux....they r ultra rude and look at u frm top to toe.....mabbe coz their clients r mostly tai-tais hence they c whether u have e money to purchase their prdts and services, which is not cheap btw.

                              I tend to struggle with buying from them or choosing other brands with more polite sales ppl...sighs