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Which highend brands have loyalty programs

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  • Which highend brands have loyalty programs

    Haven't been home in ages, but expect to do huge damage to my wallet when I move home, so I want to know about all the loyalty programs. Any help appreciated.

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    most of the brands do, such as Sisley, SK-II, Shu Uemura, Biotherm, Dior, Clarins, Shiseido, Fancl, IPSA, YSL, and more but they're mainly based on $ in exchange for points (where you can redeem products), and in most cases it is usually quite hard to attain esp if you're a person that mixes & matches brands. The only ones where i can recall off-hand with good monetary discounts are Shu Uemura's 20% one time discount in the month of your b'day, & Anna Sui has 10% off every purchase. Will post again when i can think of others.

    you can also consider getting a Citibank credit card from Tangs that gives you 8% rebate (plus 12% rebate during members' special) & also Isetan & Robinsons that offers 5% rebate/discount. Happy shopping!


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      If I'm correct, Kesalan Patharan gives members a $50 voucher once they have accumulated 10 chops on their member's card (spend $50 to get one chop).


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        Not sure if this is the case in SG but in Taiwan at Shu Uemura they have a card which you fill up.

        spend $NT1000 and recieve one stamp.
        Fill up the 10 stamps and recieve a $NT1000 voucher to spend


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          correction, from the brands that i've listed - all have loyalty programmes but only Fancl lets you accumulate stamps (double stamps during b'day month) in exchange for fancl vouchers. the rest either allow you to accumulate points or stamps in exchange for stuff.


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            SKII & Biotherm allows you to use points in exchange for goods. But SKII's system is really expensive. They are giving you travel size samples in exchange for points (min 500?)!


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              dont quote me but you know - some brands will give you the GWP even if you are short of the min sum - it happened to me before- perhaps the SA felt confortable like i would come back again & was a genuine buyer & just dont want me to waste $ on something else i dont need.

              & one other brand cannot put out their actual GWP as they sometimes have their HQ visitors from overseas - the HQ dont want them to give out so many samples with the GWP perhaps - but maybe dont really understand the culture in SG -we like GWPS the more the merrier & we will be back for more - its only good business sense to give a better GWP as well at departmental stores as the competing Lee ***, NC essentials, etc are strong competitors.

              I find knowing a particular SA & keep going back to her is best - she might give you samples which otherwise is not available also.