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Salon Soho at Tekka Mall

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  • Salon Soho at Tekka Mall

    did my hair there....william is really good....he was formely from the JeanYip salon at CCK lot he has his own shop..

    try it

    did a rebonding and highlighting....

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    Hi there! Welcome to CC! Have you intorduced yourself on CozyBabes? Please, do! Hope you're having fun here!

    So, if we go see William at this Salon SoHo, will we get some goodwill discount? Who shall we name to get this privilege?


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      i just like him cutting my hair....i neber ask for discount....i think his price is fair...


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        did again....

        wiliam was busy...he neeeds more assistants....his shop business was good...on sat....

        bought the loreal shampoo and conditioner also..


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          Hi emelainelee

          how are his charges like?


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            i did extenso at salon soho today.

            Amy is good. She's very attentive and fast. I expected frizzy ends at the end of the process as i have ultra dry hair but the result was better than expected.

            Will go back to do highlights in a month's time.


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              Sounds good! I feel like highlighting my hair much does he charge? Do u have any contact number so we could call to make an appointment?


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                I feel like rebonding my hair,any idea how much are the charges?


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                  If i remember correctly, extenso for short hair is $138, mid is $158, long is $198. As for highlights, short is $58, mid is $78, long is $98 (this is based on my memory, may nt be accurate). You can try asking for discount. They are friendly.

                  William does the cutting while Amy does the chemical stuff. She highly recommend extenso as it is not as damaging as rebonding.

                  Tel: 62966229
                  Tekka Mall 5th level. Most of the shop spaces there are still empty so Salon Soho stands out. V easy to find.

                  Go on a weekday so that you can have full attention.


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                    i did extenso at soho today, amy is good n fast! minimal trimming is required after that.


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                      Thank you!!!Most prob i will go on a weekday some time this week


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                        How much they charge for hair cut ??


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                          how much is charge on long hair cut


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                            $38 for haircut.

                            I suggest you ask for William. Amy is better in coloring/extenso jobs.