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What do you do on a bad hair day?

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  • What do you do on a bad hair day?

    Hi girls, wonder if you ever have any bad hair days... What do you do when you have one?

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    tie up my hair


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      yeah,either i'll tie it up or wear a cap.the weather is hot anyway


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        hey girls i have short hair.. so.. its quite interesting..

        when i wake up & if my hair happens to be standing & messy.. I will mess it up more by wxing them in the opposite direction.. of cos carefully not to leave tell-tale signs that its the out-of-the-bed style...

        as for days i wake with flat-stick-to-tje-scalp hair, i will wax them down neat & put on pale make-up with red lipstick..

        i think for long hair like you guys.. its easier.. u can tie them up, bun them up etc.. kekeke.. we short-hair spend alot on haircuts & waxes & gel ..



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          yep, i tie up into a ponytail or twist into a bun.


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            I just bear with it as my hair's short now - but if its get unbearablely oily - like when i forgot that i did not shampoo the night before & did not shampoo before i go to work - it can get very oily & sticky & unbearable. SOmetimes even itchy.

            I on ocassions will pop by the student salon to get a shampoo & blow dry for about $10 - it used to be $5 only previously - so i have not been since the px increase.


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              My hair is not quite long enough yet to tie back, so I've got some really lovely long silk printed headscarves which I wear quite often.

              I love wearing mine; they're really practical, yet really funky-looking too!


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                hahaha, mostly mope and whine but after the trauma, i'll use hair wax since i have short hair. usually the ends of my hair flip out too much so i would use the wax to tame it.


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                  in a similar vein to vinyl.. SULK!
                  haha but I have short hair so what I do is i spritz with water, flip my hair upside down and blast with cool air from the hairdryer. Then a tiny dollop of wax. But if it's an oily hair and late-out-of-bed day I actually brush with a small sprinkling of baby talcum powder and finger comb it/clip up my fringe.

                  I'm incredibly fussy about hair TSK.
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                    tie it up

                    when i had short hair, i will put some wax and twirl the ends to make it look deliberately messy

                    if i'm going out, i will wear a hat


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                      gel it and tie it up. wear a cap if it really look that bad.


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                        actually with long hair, I'd just tie it up and ignore it if I wake up with bad hair. for short hair, actually just using water helps to reshape my hair once it dries again.

                        either that, or I'll wash my hair before going out and hope it dries into a nice shape, or perhaps blowdry it.


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                          coupla things
                          1) chuck on a cap/hat
                          2) tie into two braids (act cute only.....tsk tsk...)
                          3) french braid (so everything stays 'down')
                          4) pile into messy french twist


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                            Tie hair in different styles

                            My hair length is longer than shoulder length n i'm very interested in learning different ways to style n tie my hair. If u know of any website preferably with pictures kindly pls msg me. Thks!!!!


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                              I'd usually bun up my hair.