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    As you guys know I bought the ModelCo mascaras and primer. The verdict is out.

    LashXtend - came as a freebie with a magazine once, and I thought it was pretty darn good - applies and separates well without clumping at all, buildable length and lusciousness. But wait till you try the Lashcara - this is the one with the spool.

    LashCara - comes with the mascara wand thingie with grooves. This is the HG of daily mascaras - I'll always prefer YSL Faux Cils for dramatic lashes seeing how pathetic mine are, but this is PERFECTION! Separates like a dream and applies so smooth. I thought it wouldn't get any better than LashXtend but it has and it will.

    LashBoost - the best lash primer EVER - dries in a jiffy unlike the Shu lash repair, and extends the lashes without causing irritation like the Shiseido Dramatical.

    I did not get the clear one, but I think I might have to now.

    Primer - very similar in consistency to the LP rose illusion line filler and comes in a convenient squeeze tube for the same amount. You do have to apply a bit more as this is slightly drier, but I think it's perfect for Singapore weather. Will update when I come home. I can't live without primers now.

    Just so you know, I've tried them all. This is one of the best haul I've had in a long time.

    Also tried the new Bloom SWAK lip lacquer. I have the darnedness feeling I'm going to have to stock up on my next order - it's a glossy muted red that's neutral and perfect for everyday use. I still think it's expensive for the amount of product though.

    OK, going to post at Vogue now.

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    Some pics and description FYI

    ModelCo LashXtend Mascara - Black AUD24

    Lengthen and thicken your lashes with ModelCo?s LASHXTEND. LASHXTEND?S rich, water resistant formulation delivers brilliant extension and high definition impact. This everlasting, light weight mascara separates as it extends and leaves your lashes looking thick and shiny. Won't smudge, run or flake. Give your lashes a glossy coat of black lengthening mascara for the ultimate model sexy, super long lashes.

    Remove using warm water - no eye makeup remover required! Simply splash your lashes with lots of warm water then use your fingers to slide the mascara off your lashes. Can also be removed with an eye-friendly cleanser if you prefer.

    ModelCo Lashscara - Black AUD24

    Open your eyes with LASHSCARA - the ultimate definitive and thickening mascara! Flutter your lashes with this fantastic water resistant formulation and unique angled 360 degree designer application head that allows you to coat each individual lash for maximum coverage. For model sexy, super long lashes.

    Apply to lashes by curling them through the 360-degree head.

    ModelCo Lash Boost AUD18

    LASH BOOST gives your lashes the ?boost? they?ve always needed by conditioning, thickening and lengthening lashes. LASH BOOST is a nourishing treatment for the eyelashes which coats, protects and strengthens each lash whilst stimulating growth. It contains proteins and nutrients that conditions lashes to make them longer and thicker.

    For best results, apply LASH BOOST?s creamy formula at night after cleansing face and eyes. This allows the treatment to condition your lashes whilst you sleep. When you wake, gently wash eyelashes with warm water to remove treatment.

    ModelCo Lash Wand Heated Eyelash Curler AUD29.95

    If you?re wondering how Elle Macpherson, Kylie Minogue, Kate Moss, Liz Hurley and Catherine Zeta Jones get such amazing lashes without donning falsies, then wonder no more. Those in the biz have been using Lash Wand, a revolutionary new heated eyelash curler, developed and imported by leading edge Australian company, ModelCo.

    A sure way to deliver the latest ?look?, now you can bat your lashes with the best of them with new Lash Wand. Lash Wand will transform even the shortest of lashes into perfectly curled, wide-eyed wonders in a matter of seconds. Better still, they?re a cinch to use! Simply turn Lash Wand on and curl your eyelashes, applying as if it were mascara. Lash Wand won?t overheat even on the highest temperature setting and it?s battery powered so you can use it anywhere, anytime, to ensure you always look eye-catching!

    A hit at Mercedes Australian Fashion Week, even Elle Macpherson is adding LashWand to her tried and tested favourites list. "Lash Wand is just what every woman longs for," she said.

    So say goodbye to your outdated manual eyelash curlers! Lash Wand?s advanced technology and superior heating mechanism ensures your eyes will never by pinched or burnt again by blow-dry fry. Light and compact in size, no bigger than a mascara in fact, Lash Wand is a must-have for every beauty junkie?s handbag. And it looks the part too with its sleek, silver style, designer packaging!

    Requires 1 x AAA 1.5V alkaline battery - not included.
    Step 1 - For best results, apply mascara first. Turn on switch, wait approx 1 minute for blue sensor coil to turn white, indicating optimum temperature has been reached.
    Step 2 - Place Lash Wand at the root of eyelashes and press gently, folding back your eyelid, hold for approx 10 seconds. You may need to repeat this depending on your lash thickness and length. Don't worry about lash/lid burn as it is impossible for Lash Wand to overheat!
    Step 3 - To maintain optimum battery life, switch off immediately after use, it should take no longer than 3 minutes to complete steps 1 and 2. Clean Lash Wand with brush provided to prevent mascara build up.


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      i want to get them ALL!!!!!!


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        I'm tempted to try the eyelash heated curler. It reminds me of something I have long ago. Was it Eyecurl II?? Then u can throw all your eyelash curlers away.

        Eyecurl II (mine in blue). But doesn't work too well on me.


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          The only drawback with the mascaras is that it can be a pain to remove. It doesn't exactly come off in tubes, but everyone seems to get it off fine. Oh well, you can't win. But this is FANTASTIC stuff.

          UPDATE: I tried getting it off yesterday, and it still uses quite alot of warm water, but I found it much easier, with less tugging on my lashes and ALL of it came off easier, which it didn't before. I think it's because I used the LashBoost underneath. My lashes also feel stronger, though I use Talika lash conditioning cream at night.
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            aphrael>> are there any fibres in the mascara? is the lashxtend the one that comes off in tubes or both?
            do try the clear one as well!
            where did you get them? Myers & DJ are out of stock!

            caramelgirl >> i didnt like the modelco heated curler cos the blue sensor is within the coils and after a while your mascara turns it black & you wont know whether it has changed to white which is the optimum temperature to curl your lashes. so you end up waiting too long & burn your batteries or you dont wait & you cant get curled eyelashes...


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              Out of stock? Can't be - I went to Bondi today and saw plenty. Chatswood also had some yesterday.

              I don't think it has fibers - both mascaras are paint based - it comes off in bits, not tubes like the Kiss Me. But washes off easily with warm water. Works better with the LashBoost which is by far the best primer I've seen. Even if I don't end up liking the mascara (I grow tired of it very quickly - YSL Faux Cils is my all-time fav) I'll still stick to the Lashboost. So much better than Shu lash repair.

              I got it off, complete with discount.


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                no offense but i really hate LashCara.. just returned it today infact. Don't think I'll be going near ModelCo for a while now


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                  Update: While I still think each product has its merits, I think that the Lashboost actually causes the mascaras to flake cos' it doesn't grip the lashes that well. Might give it a few more goes.

                  Used alone, I prefer the LashXtend - defines very smoothly. I think it was the extra layer that made it clumpy with LashBoost. Lashcara doesn't work quite so well alone, and tends to flake a bit with LashBoost.

                  So, in conclusion, I have to say that I'll stick with LashXtend for daily use now ... Lashcara doesn't quite take the mark.

                  LashBoost is still the best mascara primer I've used - I just wasn't impressed by Shu lash repair and Shiseido Dramatical's fibers hurt my eyes so much. I just don't think that mascaras work well with primers. At least not on me.

                  So, I'd advise people to save some money and get just the LashXtend if you want to try a new mascara.

                  I still love the ModelCo face primer - much cheaper than LP and Smashbox, and works just as well if not better.


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                    LashBoost is still the best mascara primer I've used
                    aphrael >> have you tried shiseido's makeup base?

                    i was talking about the myers & DJ in melbourne. its okay i saw the items at the counters today.

                    regarding the primer would you suggest that for oily skins cos i saw the box descritption as a hydrating primer & can be used in place of your moisturiser.



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                      I've only tried Dramatical, not the Shiseido mascara makeup primer. Is it any better? I don't do well with mascara primers that have a lot of fibers - it just irritates my eyes.

                      The face primer consists mainly of silicones, which is pretty benign, BUT some people with oily skin still break out from it. For hot and humid weather I think I prefer "wet" primers like the Stephane Marais pre-makeup smoothing cream as it's more water-based. Having said that, the ModelCo doesn't break the bank. I think it's nice and hydrating, and if you use it in place of your primer, you might just be lucky enough not to break out. If you work in an air-conditioned office for most of the day the ModelCo would be a good one to get.


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                        the shiseido primer is good! it actually waterproofs my mascara. i used it once with loreal architect wp and went to watch a movies where i completely forgot i was wearing mascara...usually i am under house arrest when using mascara cos they always smudge...back to the movie i cried like a baby and was surprise to see the mascara did not smudge!! it waterproofs your mascara, curls, lengthend & thickens your eyelashes but i think its expensive! about $30+

                        SM cream base is lovely but way tooo expensive. didnt know it was waterbase.i love their foundation as well. have you tried them. do you use the normal range of the range with the "p" prefix if you use them? so far been playing with the testers, too expensive to buy. do you get your sm stuff from mecca?? think will stay clear from the modelco base, my skin is quite sensitive.


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                          Actually, L'oreal lash architect is waterproof by itself. I tried it once and had so much trouble getting it off I threw it away after a couple uses. Is the Shiseido mascara primer available in Singapore? I might give it a try.

                          I use the O range in SM - for most Asians it suits better as it stands for orange which is actually yellow based, rather than the P range which is pink and suits people with pink undertones. I think it's important to get a foundation that is concordant with your natural undertones. Otherwise it just looks weird. I use O0 in the fluid foundation. Mecca isn't actually that expensive compared to the US, after shipping and all. I just get it here, but so far not much else has impressed me aside from the foundation. The primer is ok, but I didn't like it that much. The foundation itself is pretty drying which is the only reason I use it.


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                            where can i get this lash boost in sydney do advise me thanks!!


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                              try david jones or myers