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Combination of different brands of skincare products

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  • Combination of different brands of skincare products

    care to share?

    reason for asking is because....i'm using dermalogica's clay cleanser, toner, active moist moisturiser and sun screen. just bought derma-rx's lightener and am tempted to try the masks and vitamin c serum from other brands, will this be ok? most brands recommend using their entire line.


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    i use a combination of different. i'm alright so far.... But i suppose there are some brands which contains ingredients which tend to act differently with other chemicals....


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      Of course! I think most of us mix stuff. Yes it's recommended that you use an entire line but everyone's needs are different. If you don't have ultra sensitive skin, I feel it should be fine. Don't take my word for it, though, if you'd rather see a pro about this.

      Personally, I've tried to use SK-II intensively once. Not the whole range, though. I didn't find it fantastic. In fact, I've since switched to a mixture of other products which I bought from my facialist. I think my skin's been better than before!


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        Agree with Glossie

        I myself too a combi of skin care brands for my face. i have never stuck to an entire line before.

        I just keep trying then u will know what works best for your skin


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          Mine is a mixture of about 3 brands. Usually I tried the whole range first, figure out what is not working for me and try another brand (using the samples first of course), Until now, the products I have been using and my regime already stablised.

          It will take quite alot of convincing on the sales people's side to persuade me to change my skincare range! hehe


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            I use like 5,6 different brands all the time in 1 day! As long as the products don't break me out, I'm fine with it.


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              yes, i use up to 4 or 5 different brands. no problem so far as my skin is still ok


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                I think brands tell you to stick to one brand just to make more money they claim that different brands' ingredients may 'clash' but if your stuff is so sensitive, it can't be good for me right?

                personally, i find different brands are good in different things. so even if that brand's moisturiser is great, the other products may be mediocre. so i prefer switching around.


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                  I am using different brands and there has not been any "clash" despite my rather sensitive skin. I guess you have to monitor your skin condition and use the products accordingly. A lot of SAs and facialists will promote the use of a range of similar products and I have tried once but find that it didnt work that well.
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                    i use so many brands i cant even count them.. i think its most important you know which product from which brand suits you best.. the whole range may not be the range that suits u perfectly either..


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                      i see, i see, thanks so much gals....i feel better now, i don't have sensitive skin so i guess i should be alright! i'm off to try laniage and the other brands i've been reading so much about on this forum! THANKS THANKS!