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    Ppie, S20 is defintely a better choice for you. It's darker than #26, no peaches no browns...more on the dusty rose. I'm wearing this now as i'm a gorgeous shade to pair it with your stila Apres Ski and KP S17 e/s.

    Pan, #26 (S$29) goes well with the green trios too! Sadly, the purple trios didn't work for me as i wanted them too.

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    Originally posted by "dolphin"

    Pan, #26 (S$29) goes well with the green trios too! Sadly, the purple trios didn't work for me as i wanted them too.
    Me too! That's the ONLY KP trio I gave up. The purples just made me look tired.


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      OK, and maybe Benefit Dandelion too.

      KP 26 is so versatile, it can go with everything and anything!!! I like it paired with Stila Brooke lippie (a creamy pink-peach-nude) with a touch of KP's shimmery gloss duo slicked over it.

      Joce, trust me, your blush collection would NOT be complete without the stunning, the beautiful, the alluring, the gorgeous.....
      KP 26!!!


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        Do I need this too?

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          KP 26 has got to be one of the most unique and wearable blushers I have ever seen. Probably because it has so many dimensions and undertones to it, it can go with just about anything you want it too! Cool colours, warm can appear cool with just a touch of warmth, when paired with cool colours; it can appear just-right warm when paired with warm!

          It's very similar to that CARGO blush that Ponine posted a pic of. To my eye, I see pink, peach, muted's really what I would call a pinky-peach....slightly more pink than peach...

          But the proof is in the pudding. I'm gonna frog-march you down to the KP counter the next time we meet and I guarantee you, your blush collection will be one blush the richer!
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            <FONT SIZE=1>Originally posted by Joce7878
            OMG! The K26 sounds divine..... just like all my other blushers in my drawer... hehe... u know me, just cannot resist blushers.

            And Pan, u are going to stand at least 10 feet away from me the next time we meet ok??? *Holding a cross in front of me* Dun u dare drag me to the counter... I know exactly what u are up to... U wish I buy K17 trios and K26 and then bust my BC quota right?? Bad girl!

            (Shhh... ok lah, maybe one tiny peek to the counter will not hurt) </FONT SIZE>
            Joce I am going to drag u to the KP counter when we meet and make sure u get KP17 and KP26 on the same day on the same night...

            Pan has given a wonderful review on KP26....I need not say more....I will just ACT!!


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              sorry, i am a little confused..
              S20 is a pink blush right?
              #26 is the pretty blush dear pan is raving abt..
              i think i need #26 too..
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                Wanda then u need RMK#2 then...its more pink than dandelion or KP26....promise u wont regret getting this....
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                  Why didn't I think of this? That could be my pink blush! I tried it on my eyes once and really had to blend like crazy! It's really not too bad if you really blend it. It's BRIGHT and after I put it on I looked at myself like this 8O . LOL! I will try as blush next!
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                    Can anyone describe blush #16 for me? Do you like it? Is there any shimmer? Super Thanks!


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                      Originally posted by glenda
                      Can anyone describe blush #16 for me? Do you like it? Is there any shimmer? Super Thanks!

                      This is a matte Lavender-ish pink. It's okay I guess ... i was actually thinking if I should swap it away since I haven't been using it much.
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                        i tried #27 & it did not work on me...that much i know! don r'ber the shade...brown with shimmery bits? there is a blush tho 132(is it this or is it 17?) pink peach with goldy shimmers like UD X & yet not like it!
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                          Kp 27 is brown with shimmers? hmmm..I remember it turns pink on Apple when she tried on her hands ...sotong where are you? :laugh:


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                            i called sam...#27 is peach must be smtg else i saw but i know it did not work for me.

                            #135 is the UD X look-alike!


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                              but i just bought MAC pink glow on thurs!
                              is the colour similar?